Thursday, June 11, 2015

Maternity Leave Expiring {too} Soon!

I truly cannot believe that I have 1 more week left of my maternity leave. I truly don't believe that 12 weeks was/is long enough. Shame on America for providing the worst maternity leave in the world... literally.
People always told me to cherish the time off because it will go by fast. That is an understatement.
As I mentioned before, the first 4 weeks were a complete blur... weeks 5-10 have been slightly easier however still physically and emotionally draining. The thought of going back to work adds a whole bunch of anxiety and emotions to my already overwhelmed self.
Over the last 10 weeks, I've had a lot of thoughts/memories/photos I've wanted to document but never had the chance. In my spare time, I'm pretty much always sleeping, washing pump materials/bottles, or doing laundry. Also in the last 6 weeks, while living out of the camper and not having access to the internet besides on my phone, blogging has taken the bottom of the list of priorities.

To be honest, I thought maternity leave was going to be completely different. I envisioned my first 12 weeks as a Mom getting back in shape, catching up around the house, visiting with friends/family, catching some rays outside, decluttering our house, the list goes on... In reality, I've had time for none of that. Maybe if I had an angel baby that didn't have reflux or colic and slept more than 2 hours at a time... or if I had a husband that came home from work every day so I could catch a break.. but hey, life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. I'm still learning to adjust. I'm still trying not to be so hard on myself. I'm still trying to accept that not everything goes as planned. And that's okay. I'd be lying if I said being a Mom has been easy. It certainly hasn't. But I wouldn't change a thing!
So here is a whole bunch of random tidbits and photos {courtesy of my handy iPhone} of life on maternity leave over the last 10 weeks... if there isn't a picture taken to document each day, I've probably forgotten about everything in between.

Sandy girl always wants to be next to Remington and I on the couch. She's such a cuddle bug.

Sometimes Remington is content with baby wearing. Most times, she throws a fit. She'd rather be held "normal". #highmaintenance

Jack still needs attention. Lots of it.

Around week 5, we all "moved" into the camper. It was supposed to help my sanity however at times it made me more insane.

Grandpa (aka Lolo) has went out of his way to visit Remington many times, no matter where we are living. We've also had lots of visits with my Mom, Greg, and Jasmine but for some reason I have no pictures of that. Boo.

Finally, a day that I actually got dressed and we actually got to relax outside the camper all together. Notice Michael is still in his work clothes. He's been working a lot.

Remington and I attended cousin Carly's 1st Birthday! Notice 2 unhappy babies.. ha!

We moved locations with the camper and spent Memorial weekend at Algonac State Park! It was cold! And Remington SCREAMED for hours every night. I'm sure our neighbors loved us. They probably wondered when we were going to obey the "quiet hour" rules...

This is proof that sometimes Remington sleeps without Mamma hanging onto her! Had to capture a photo because she's so precious!

We planted our garden! Jackass of course is always digging in it and getting yelled at. 

Remington is all smiles before her 2 month checkup where she got 2 shots and screamed her head off for the rest of the day.

When we lay on the floor, Jackass thinks we're there to play with him and he tries to roll over onto Remington every time. Silly dog.

We moved locations again. This time to the Ohio/Michigan border and stayed at Wilderness Campground in Dundee for 2 weeks. Side note: I almost lost my sanity there.

Our site was backed right up to this little lake. It was a nice view to wake up to every day.

And of course, Jackass enjoyed to swim in the lake. That is, when he wasn't on his chain or leash and/or trying to chase strangers.  

While staying in Dundee, we of course had to take Remington to her first visit to Cabela's! (we actually went there twice while staying in Dundee).

Michael and my Dad arranged a surprise to meet us at Cabelas. I was pretty shocked and excited to see they came all that way.

We visited my best friend, Natalie, while staying in Dundee. That was probably my most favorite part about the location we were camping at. We don't get to see each other often enough since we live so far apart. Remington loves Aunt Nat! ♥

We enjoyed lots of fresh air!

Mamma takes entirely too many pictures.. I mean, what else are you to do when she's sleeping in your arms?! ♥♥♥

Remington smiled for the camera for Daddy's birthday... then she pooped her pants and ruined this shirt so Daddy didn't even get to see her in it! Good thing I took 1,000 pictures! ;)

Every night we wind down with bath time. Which little Miss loves. ♥

Overall, my leave seems to have been occupied with a whole lot of nothing. However, looking back... it's been occupied with two very important things - love and family. Not only the love for this new baby girl that has consumed our lives, but more importantly, the love, support, and encouragement I've been given from Michael and my parents during the hard times. It's been some of the fastest yet most challenging months in my life, and I certainly couldn't have done it without them by my side. ♥

Here's to making the best of my last 11 days on maternity leave!


  1. It does go by so fast, and you are exactly right, nothing else matters except taking care of yourself and your sweet girl. Take things one day at a time, I remember thinking I could only do one hour at a time, lol. You look amazing, and that sweet girl is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh she is just a doll!! I mean how awesome that she is getting so much fresh air right now - it's perfect! I agree I can't believe that the country with the most freedom's has the worst maternity and paternity leave!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love all the pictures!! She is just a sweetheart :)
    Can't believe your maternity leave is already up lady - that is terrible. I feel like you just had the baby! That is definitely something this country needs to address! Some other countries get a year or more, and dads get time too!!
    Glad to see the dogs are behaving themselves around little Remi too! ;) xx

  4. You look amazing! Oh my goodness. And your little girl is such a sweetie. I've heard that the first month is a blur. I bet you're just so tired you can't think about anything else!

  5. I tried to get Russell to move to Australia when I was pregnant so we could enjoy the maternity benefits. No advice here, I'm two weeks back at work and I still can't drop my daughter off at daycare. It's awesome that your dogs seem to get along well with your baby, That birthday photo is precious, I love that it was the first day she smiled!

  6. Love and strength to you girl! She is so sweet, I know you're doing your best and that is what matters! It's gotta be tough being in the camper and husband-less so often, but you're an amazing mom doing everything you can for her! I wish our maternity leave was 12, we only get 6 for vaginal and 8 for c-section. Definitely not enough time at all!

  7. She is precious, I can't believe how quickly time is passing! Xo, Stephanie

  8. I love this post full of baby pictures, and I love how honest you are about parenting. I can't even begin to imagine how fast 12 weeks can fly by with a newborn, but enjoy the rest of the time you have off with that precious girl!

  9. She is too cute!! I love all of the pictures you shared! You look GREAT!! I will be praying for you as you prepare to head back to work! I think maternity leave should be at least 16 weeks!! You Mom's seriously amaze me- I don't know how you do it all!

  10. good thing she is so cute! i'm sure that helps when you're about to pull your hair out. I love seeing all these pictures of you guys...I sure have missed you! I'm praying your first couple of days back to work go smoothly. And Remington adjust to a new routine quickly!

  11. yep, literally the worst time off in the world!! it sucks, doesn't it? i can't even imagine how you're feeling. but it sounds like it was an amazing time together! she is absolutely adorable and i love all the pictures!