Friday, June 26, 2015

Remington Rose ♥ 3 Months

 Time is still flyin' by in our neck of the woods and Miss Remington Rose turned 3 months this past week! Also this past week was my first week back to work. {Insert sad crying tired face} It sure is hard to leave her after spending every single day with her for that last 3 months. It is also hard to function without the naps. Ha!
It is really fun to watch her grow and begin to learn new things!
Remington at 3 months old...
♥ Discovered her hands and is always putting them in her mouth!
♥ She is SO close to rolling over from back to belly! She get's stuck on her side and get's very frustrated. ***UPDATE - Remi rolled over for the first time on Friday at the babysitter's!***
♥ She can roll from her belly to her back! Only 3 times that I have seen...
♥ Loves to talk and smile! And she's starting to giggle! So cute!
♥ She's the happiest in the morning. The evenings are still pretty tough.
♥ Wakes up every 2.5 - 3 hours. She's given me a handful of sleeps from 4-5 hours but nothing consistent.  
♥ Typically wears 3-6 month clothes. Certain brands of 3 months don't fit because she's so long!
♥ Loves bath time! And screams when I take her out of the bath!
♥ Poops herself often! And toots a lot.
♥ Eyes and hair are lighting up but she still looks like Daddy!
♥ Nicknames: Rem, Remi, Tiny Toots, Pumpkin, Baby
♥ Size 2 diapers - next order we bumped up to a size 3!
♥ Mamma's girl alllll the way!
♥ Makes all sorts of funny faces all the time!

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  1. What a sweetie!! Love that last picture - those are the best! ;) She looks like she's thinking really hard about something (probably pooping haha!)

  2. She is sooo cute! She does look a lot like her daddy right now! Love all her little faces!

  3. awww she is so adorable!! love the silly faces. tiny toots haha!

  4. She is so gorgeous! You are gonna have your hands full keeping those boys away!

  5. So adorable, and that last pis is priceless!

  6. Oh my gosh I just adore her and those big gorgeous eyes!!! Hope ya'll are doing fabulous mama!!!! xoxo

  7. How adorable :) so cute
    Chelsea @