Sunday, July 19, 2015

PHOTO DUMP: Birthdays + Father's Day + 4th of July + 2nd Anniversary + Randoms

What have the Joy's been up to over the last month?! Let the photo dump do the explainin'....
Here's where we left off just before my maternity leave came to an end and I went back to reality....
Michael and I turned another year older as we celebrated our June birthdays! Honestly, it didn't even feel like it was my birthday. I was more focused on the baby that I didn't even care. Which is different for me because I LOVE to celebrate birthdays! Especially with my Dad, who I share my birthday with. But that's okay!
My Ma and Greg took us out to dinner for a joined birthday celebration. We went to Club Capri in Algonac and it was delicious! I even had a drink!

On June 14th, Remington and I attended a beautiful baby shower for my dear friend! And got to visit with some other friends too!
On my actual birthday, I had one hell of a day. It started off with the dogs getting sprayed by a skunk in the wee hours of the morning. Then I took a trip to the grocery store only to have my card declined due to fraud.... meanwhile Remington is screaming through the whole store. And she also proceeded to poop through her clothes 3 times that day.
Long story short, ice cream was much needed. After I had a beer. That was much needed too.

We enjoyed our last few days at the camper before we headed home and prepared for going back to work. Waaaaah.....
On Father's Day, we celebrated with 4 generations of the Mason family!

I've tried to get some gardening and weeding done in my spare time. All three kids in tow.  
We had our first visit to A&W for a root beer float with Lola and Lolo (Grandma and Grandpa in philippino)
Sandy girl is always laying on Remington's blankets or at her crib. She doesn't seem to mind Remington and she follows room to room wherever she goes. Although I still am hesitant to trust the dogs, Sandy doesn't make me as nervous. She tends to just want to snuggle and be lovely....
My family camped uptown on the lake for 4th of July weekend at our house. We went to visit them for bonfires and BBQs.

I learned that while traveling with an infant, the tailgate of my truck makes for a great changing table. Much better than germ filled public places!
Remington and Grandma went to the Port Austin Farmer's Market for the first time! It was packed! So much good stuff!
Remington had her party pants on for the 4th of July! (despite her 99.9 fever and runny nose)
There's Sandy again, trying to snuggle with Remi on the couch ♥
We enjoy our evenings outside catching some fresh air and wine while the sun goes down
Remington stayed home with Michael for the first time alone. This is the picture he sent me at work.... Daddy and Mini working food plots in the tractor ♥
Our dinner's together now look like this....
Happy 2 year anniversary to us! I had a few major fails that day.... we took a trip to Caseville for the day and enjoyed a lunch on the patio at the Thumb Brewery. Then we headed up town to the beach where we intended on going for a walk and maybe dipping Remigton's toes in the water... but I forgot a sun hat for her - fail #1. So we just enjoyed the scenery and then headed home. And got ice cream on our way home of course. Fail #2 - we didn't take one picture. Thankfully our friend's stopped by and we snapped a pic on our patio. Our first wedding anniversary as a family of 3!
Remington had her first visit to Grandma's beauty salon! I was waaaay over due to get my hair highlighted and trimmed. She even threw in some low lights for a change. Feels so refreshing! I'm so lucky to have my Mamma do my hair! Remington definitely got all sorts of attention from all the ladies! And Great Gammy was there getting her hair done too so she got to visit with her as well!
Our garden is making progress. The damn deer ate off some of my broccoli and sweet potato plants. But other than that, it seems to be doing okay. We're skipping out on the tomato cages this year. We'll see how that goes!
All the kids watch as Michael and I weed the garden...
We visited with some friends at the Grindstone Campground
Remington is not a fan of the sun hat in blocking her view, so this is her way of wearing it. It's a good thing she's still cute even when she's not stylish! ;) ♥
Well that about sums up what we have been up to over the last month or so. We are finally starting to adjust to our "new normal". It's nice to be able to go out and do things and not have a 100% colicky screaming baby every night. It's also nice that I've adjusted to cutting out my daily naps! Ha! That's kind of a big deal... ;)
Until next time... hopefully it won't be another month...


  1. Sounds like you guys have been getting out and about a lot! Baby girl in her sun hat is adorable!

  2. Yeah!!! So glad on my day of blog catching up I got to read a new update on life from you! Looks like that beauty is keeping you busy! I cracked up with the new way you eat dinner. That is exactly what my sister used to do with her little ones. Love that red top on you! xoxoxo

  3. girl you totally deserved that ice cream and beer on your birthday. happy anniversary again, that photo is fabulous and needs to be framed. how cute are Michael and Remington on their day alone? So adorable. and aww Sandy just wants to protect her ;)

  4. That is a birthday for the books! Maybe next year you can plan something fabulous to make up for it. Baby girl is quite the traveler already. And she looks so cooperative when you are gardening. I die over that picture of her in the patriotic diaper, she doesn't look like she feels bad at all!

  5. Look at how great you look and how cute your baby is! I'm glad you've had some fun times lately. So much going on! I'll be sad to go back to work too. Solidarity! Happy (belated) anniversary!