Friday, October 30, 2015

Remington Rose ♥ 7 Months

Happy 7 Months tiny baby! As you can expect, taking monthly pictures has become a challenge. There are far more interesting things than sitting still and smiling for the camera. Most of the pictures she's partially on the move or not smiling. Such a sassy girl! 
I'll also note, I'm trying to learn more about my DSLR and I'm learning that the lighting mixed with different settings really makes a difference on the pictures. Especially in Remington's eye color. No they are not edited. It's just different spots of lighting in the room and different settings (ie. portriat versus auto). Any tips or suggestions is welcome!
I feel like this past month has been a big one for Remington! She's changed a lot, grew a lot, and learned lots of new things! It seems like she just keeps learning more and more faster and faster!

Weight/Length: 20lbs on the nose. The other day she crawled into Michael's bathroom and put her hands on the scale so we said hmm... let's set on her there! Little Miss gained almost 2lbs this month!
Clothes: Mostly 9 months but some 6 months things still fit, depending on the brand. Earlier this month I went to my first Mom 2 Mom sale and spent less than $30 and then my Mom picked up some things from a customer and I wound up coming home with a garbage bag full of clothes all 9 month and up! I'm assuming 9-12 months will get us through winter and she didn't have many long sleeve or warm clothes! Win!
Sleep HabitsRemington fights sleep like it's her job. Nap time or bed time - almost every time. She gets so restless and exhausted but refuses to go to sleep. She cries and whines and makes all sorts of noise until she falls asleep.
She's also teething again so our sleep schedule is back to abnormal. Last month we were on the 3 hour schedule. Then the first 2 weeks of this month she was sleeping for 4 hours at a time (yay!). However, the last 2 weeks we hopped on the hot mess express and we're up every hour or less with one (2 if I'm lucky) spurt of a straight 2 hours through the night. Ugh!
Naptimes are hit and miss... there really isn't a consistent time, but she is doing a morning nap and an afternoon nap most days. Sometimes it's a half hour or 2 hours or anything in between! Mamma needs naps at this rate too!  
She still likes to have her blanket to snuggle with and chew on when she's sleepy! Oh, and when she's tired she will crawl around to every blanket, stuffed animal, or anything soft on the floor and smash her face in it and chew on it. Cracks me up!
Eating Habits: Baby girl loves to eat! We are bumped up to 8oz per feeding plus fruits or veggies with every meal. For the most part, all of her baby food (besides the oatmeal I mix with her fruit) is homemade except a few jars of baby food that were given to us. A baby food post to come soon!
DiapersChanging diapers has never been so complicated! Sassy pants doesn't like to stay still long enough to get her butt changed! We're finishing the last pack of size 3. At night, she's been wearing size 4 because she seems to leak?! Ah!
Appearance: Two teeth, blue eyes, big chubby cheeks (that I love to kiss!) and big chubby thighs (aka hams) that I love to squeeze! Also, her hair is growing  back in and it looks kind of blonde except in the very back on her neck where it's still dark brown.
I still say that she's a mini Michael! 
We've got 2 weeks off from physical therapy for her torticollis and we've been working on the exercises at home with hopes that at her next appointment she gets discharged. I think this last month she has made a big improvement, however she still tilts her head to the side sometimes. Which always makes me nervous that it's just never going to stay "corrected".
Nicknames: Sassy pants, Stinker pie, Rem, Remi, Remi Roo, Tiny, Tiny Toots, Pumpkin, Baby
FirstsRemington met lots of friends and babies this last month! We visited a pumpkin patch for the first time! Had squash and sweet potatoes for the first time. Rode in the car with the dogs (yikes) for the first time while Daddy used the pickup. Mastered her crawling skills and started pulling herself up onto everything/anything! First family photos!
Doing/Learning: How to get into everything!! She's crawling around the house like speedy Gonzales, pulling herself up onto anything she can reach (even just a bare wall), putting her hands out and "waving" at things she wants to touch or grab, looking around corners or cocking her head to see something just out of sight, shaking her hands and legs when she's excited, she's constantly learning new sounds with her voice and is a gabber jaws! All day long she "talks" as she crawls around. It's the cutest thing ever!
Likes: To bounce. Whether it's standing against something, standing on your lap, or in her bouncer. She's like Tigger! Being outside, looking outside, stuffed animals, bath time, looking in the mirror, the TV remote, any sort of wires (tv, swing, phone chargers, vacuum, etc), blankets, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mommy's iPhone, the dog dishes, the dogs ball, books, unfolding the laundry, sitting under the cupboard where the gallons of water are,
Dislikes: Falling asleep, dirty diaper, getting her diaper changed, getting dressed/undressed, socks, not being able to reach something, having something taken away from her, having to wait to eat, strangers, and riding in the pickup.
Mommy's FeelingsI'll keep it simple.. I feel like I've had my share of up's and down's over the last several months. Michael says I'm never happy (Michael can be an insensitive jerk sometimes). Which isn't true because I am happy. I love being a Mom. A SAHM especially. I'm so grateful that I'm able to spend my days with Remington creating memories and watching her grow. However being a Mom/wife also has it's struggles. It's not always sunshine and rainbows. 

Catch up here...
7 Months

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Family of 3 Photos ♥

Last month (September 27th to be exact) we had our first family photos taken and I've been anxiously waiting to see them! I couldn't tell you how many times I've looked through them since I received the link on Friday! Gaaah! My heart could burst! ♥
After the session I was a little nervous on how they would turn out because...
a) Remington was being a little fussy per usual in the evening and I was feeling doubtful there were any pictures where she smiled.
b) I had just gotten my hair cut a few days prior and I had a hard time styling it let alone getting my hair to hold a curl (which it didn't only on one side and it looks nappy. but lets be honest, ain't nobody looking at me in these pictures, it's all about that little ham!)
c) For first timers taking professional pictures with a "baby prop", it's kind of awkward! I wondered what we'd look like... the poses, the pulling shirts down and bras hanging out, the silly faces, getting her bow to stay, etc.
I'll just stop there because all my other OCD train of thoughts will prove make you think that I've lost my marbles :-)
BUT, as always, Shanell saves the day! She never fails to amaze me with her incredible talent and beautiful photos! She provided me with almost 100 photos! And seriously, I couldn't narrow down less than 30 that were my absolute favorites! I mean.. look at that hammy girl and that baby daddy... how could they make any picture look bad?!!




These two... and that hairline... I can't even... ♥♥♥
Photo credit to Shanell Photography©

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

On Tuesday, I finally had a chance to take Remington to her first trip to the Pumpkin Patch!
I intended on going to an apple orchard (which is my favorite fall activity to do), however with the hubs busy work schedule and the yucky weather lately, we haven't had a chance. Going on a weekday (less people) and waiting for a nice day worked out great!
At first Remington wasn't so sure of all the orange things. But once she touched a few of them and realized she couldn't put them in her mouth, she became more interested in the dirt and grass. Silly girl.

^ This is Michael through and through! ^

Our trip was short and sweet, but it was still fun! Next year hopefully Michael will be able to join us and we'll make it to a full service apple orchard for more treats and fun!
Shirt - Old Navy
Mocs - Sweet n Swag

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DIY - Fleece Blanket {no sew}

I don't know about you... but I sure do love a good 'ol cozy warm blanket!
These blankets are great for yourself or as a gift! In this case, I had to come up with a last minute gift for a baby shower this weekend and with being limited to what stores are close by (aka there aren't any), I at least knew that Walmart would have some cute fleece for a blanket!
There are quite a few options on how to make these types of blankets, so rather than the basic tied knot, I did this one with a small slit knot. It's really nice! No bulky knots! Oh and the best part, it doesn't have to be perfect and it still looks great! I lied.. the best part is this didn't cost more than $7!
What you need:
2 pieces of fleece material - (1 yard for baby blanket or 2 yards for adult blanket)
4x4 template
Cutting board
Rotary Cutter or scissors
Not pictured: a ruler that I use to push my rotary cutter against
Lay your pieces of fleece down on top of each other. The "good" sides on the outside. Smooth out wrinkles the best you can. Trim edges up. Watch out for baby fingers. Ha!
Once edges are all trimmed. Use the 4x4 template card to cut out all four corners of the blanket 

Then, begin cutting strips along all four sides of the blanket. You can measure and mark or you can be like me and just eyeball it. I do approximately an inch. Fold each piece up as you cut.  

Once all edges have been cut, use your scissors to make a tiny slit in the middle of each cut piece. This will be how you "tie" the blanket together. Be sure not to make the slit too big. Just enough to fit the material through will be good!  
Fold the pieces under or over - whichever your preference for colors - through the slit. Once through, tug gently to be sure it's tight. Do this on all edges of the blanket until it's complete.  
Maybe your blanket takes a little extra time due to a sass pot like mine that is interfering with your picture taking and knot tying ♥
And just like that, you have a lovely blanket!