Thursday, October 1, 2015

Remington Rose ♥ 6 Months

Happy 1/2 Birthday to our Remi Roo!
It sure has been one of the greatest yet challenging and quickest 6 months of my life! ♥
Weight/Length: As of 2 weeks ago, she weighed 18lbs.
Clothes: She is still squeezing into some 6 month outfits, but for the most part we're moving into 9 months. I may have went on a little shopping spree last week and bought lots of fall/winter clothes because she had none!
Sleep Habits: This little monster reallllly likes to fight sleep. She gets so restless and exhausted but refuses to go to sleep. We're still stuck on the 3 hour schedule. She prefers to have a blankie to snuggle with and chew on when she's falling asleep.
Eating Habits: Baby girl loves to eat! We are bumped up to 7oz per feeding plus fruits or veggies with every meal. So far all of her baby food (besides the occasional bowl of oatmeal) is homemade.
Diapers: Size 3 Honest diapers - the cutest diapers you've ever seen!
Appearance: I still vote that she's a mini Michael except with blue eyes like me. Her hair has pretty much all fallen out except the very back on her neck. Kind of like a mullet. The new growth coming in looks like blonde peach fuzz. Just for fun... here's a comparison of Mamma, Remi, and Daddy.
 I'll also note that after spending the last 8 weeks in physical therapy after Remington was diagnosed with torticollis, she is really making great progress. Thankfully. We also added in some chiropractic care the last 2 weeks and she has really noticed a difference in her as well. She still has a ways to go (as you can see in the middle picture above, she still has a hard time holding that head straight) but we're getting there!
Nicknames: Sassy pants, Stinker pie, Rem, Remi, Remi Roo, Tiny, Tiny Toots, Pumpkin, Baby
Firsts: I need to keep better track of these things because I feel like I'm forgetting what has happened in the last month... She crawled, pushed herself to sit up, sits up unassisted, got her 2 bottom teeth in, ate green beans, peas, and apples for the first time, went in a swing for the first time (and loved it), and met lots of Michael's Dad's side of the family for the first time.
Learning: Her voice! Oh my does she love to talk. How to grab everything she can reach, crawl, sitting up, making noises with her lips/mouth
Likes: Cold chew toys, the bouncer, being outside, riding in the stroller, chewing on anything and everything, bath time, talking, being talked to, her hands, watching the dogs or the other kids her size, looking at anything with lights/sound, making faces, looking in the mirror, being rocked to sleep, sucking on her hand/blanket when trying to fall asleep, watching cartoons (especially Micky Mouse).
Dislikes: Falling asleep, dirty diaper, getting dressed/undressed, socks, not being able to reach something, having to wait to eat, strangers, and riding in the pickup.
Mommy's Feelings: It's safe to say that since making the decision to be a SAHM, I've had instant relief. Even though being home with the baby doesn't solve all of my problems, it definitely makes life with her more enjoyable. Time is really flying by and I can't believe how fast Remington is growing. I'm so grateful that I'm able to spend more time with her! Now I better get working on that pile of laundry before naptime is over... But first... a time lapse of the past 6 months with our growing bundle of joy ♥

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6 Months


  1. Cute, cute, cute! It's awesome that you have her under chiropractic care too! Babies need adjustments sometimes even more than adults since birth can be so hard on their little bodies!

  2. Look at that sweet girl!! GAH I just love her! Happy 1/2 birthday! (For some reason I thought she was a tad older than that since Andi is 6 months on the 12th!) So glad her physical therapy is going great and I cannot wait for you to do a full food post missy!! :) :) Great baby pic comparison hahaha I need to do the same! Happy Monday Mama!

  3. awww she is so adorable! i always thought she looked like you, but next to that photo of michael i definitely see the resemblance!

  4. Holy cow...she could be michael's twin! So glad things are getting better for you! That little grin is just too cute!