Thursday, December 3, 2015

Remington Rose ♥ 8 Months

Gosh, I look at this pictures and feel like my little girl is getting older by the minute! And the minutes keep flying by! In 4 short months, I'll have a 1 year old?! Holy smokes!

So serious.
Hey, check out my toofies!

I wanna cry, but your making me laugh Mama!

Weight/Length: I have no idea. She's heavy though. Good arm work out for Mama!
Clothes: Squeeeeezing into the 9 months and slowly working our way into the 12 months. I wish I could shop for baby clothes all day every day. Soooo cute.
Sleep HabitsNo changes here. Bahhumbug. Remington fights sleep like it's her job. She will hang on my leg or crawl around crying for an hour or longer before she caves and goes to sleep. But before that happens, she has to have her blankie. Some nights she is up every hour and some nights she sleeps for 2, cries, then goes back to sleep for 2 more. But no way in hell will she sleep longer than 4 hours. Then it's feeding time and that little ham doesn't miss a bubba.
Naptimes aren't any better... most mornings she will only nap for 30-45 minutes. I typically wear the Ergo and sometimes I'll get an hour out of her. Which limits what I can do during nap time if I'm carrying her. In the afternoon she sleeps a little longer. Usually an hour and a half. 2 hours on a really good day.
Eating Habits: Baby girl loves to eat! We are at 8oz per feeding plus fruits or veggies with every meal. I've started giving her pieces of food on her tray but she has zero interest in putting the food in her mouth. She just makes a giant mess! She's got the concept of chewing down though!
DiapersChanging diapers has to be quick. She rolls over and takes off with a naked butt before I can even blink! She is in size 4 Honest diapers. The winter prints are just so cute!
Appearance: The only change here is that we now have FOUR teeth!
Blue eyes, big chubby cheeks (that I love to kiss!) and big chubby thighs (aka hams) that I love to squeeze! Her hair is getting thicker and seems to be a dirty blonde except in the very back on her neck where it's still dark brown. It's like a natural ombre! Ha!
We've been discharged from physical therapy for her torticollis and we still work on the exercises at home just to be sure she doesn't fall back into where her head is comfortable. She still favors her head to the right side a teeny tiny bit, but for the most part she's doing great!
Nicknames: Sassy pants, Stinker pie, Rem, Remi, Remi Roo, Tiny, Tiny Toots, Pumpkin, Baby, Monster
FirstsRemington celebrated her first Halloween as a reindeer. First Thanksgiving. She's tried lots of new foods. She learned to climb stairs. Rode in the big girl seat of the shopping cart. Took her first bath in the big tub. (I feel like there's so much more, but I can't remember!)
Doing/Learning: There is officially no safe zone in the house. She is curious and gets into anything she can get her hands on! She's getting quicker with her bear crawling. She's a pro at pulling herself up onto anything and she often lets go with one hand or even both hands except a finger. She walks along furniture and is getting risky with reaching from couch to table to chair. Little dare devil. She is learning to waving hello/goodbye. She snorts like some sort of animal. She is starting to sound out "mmmm" "daaaaa" and she babbles "baaabababa" all day long! She says "woof woof". She's learned how to tell when the dog gate isn't latched so she opens it with one hand, sneaks through, and takes off crawling as fast as she can. She pushes her walker toy and seat around but when she sits in her seat she only moves backwards. She opens the fireplace. One time I left the room for 2 seconds and came back to black ashes everywhere. Sigh.
Likes: She still likes the same stuff plus a few new ones - playing/chewing on the strings of a hoodshirt, playing peekaboo, standing at the entertainment center, playing under the dining room table and chairs, anything that makes noise, playing with Mama's makeup, dancing to Mickey Mouse's "hot dog" dance.
being outside, looking outside, stuffed animals, bath time, looking in the mirror, the TV remote, any sort of wires (tv, swing, phone chargers, vacuum, etc), blankets, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mommy's iPhone, the dogs, dog dishes, dogs ball, books, unfolding the laundry, sitting under the cupboard where the gallons of water are.
Dislikes: She still dislikes the same stuff. The new thing she really dislikes is when I tell her no or I walk out of the room or when I set her down. She especially dislikes when I go on the other side of the dog gate and keep her locked out. She still reaaaaally hates riding in the pickup.
Falling asleep, getting her diaper changed, getting dressed/undressed, socks, not being able to reach something, having something taken away from her, having to wait to eat, strangers.
Mommy's FeelingsEvery day I am beyond thankful to have this little girl in my life! I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again... being a Mom is one of the most challenging and exhausting jobs yet it is also the most joyful and rewarding job the world. 

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  1. Seriously, I don't think that girl can get any cuter!!!

  2. Ah! Those teeth! What an absolute doll! Boo to the sleep thing though - so weird! I truly hope that gets better for ya'll like asap! Miss ya'll and glad everything is going fantastic with that sweet, sassy thing! :) xoxo

  3. oh my gosh, she's getting so big! that 'i want to cry' photo is hilarious.

  4. I can't believe how quickly time has gone by! I love those little teeth in the front!