Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 "Goals"

Oh you know, just another post about New Year's resolutions and goals... It's only the third Monday of the New Year and I'm finally getting around to discussing some of our/my goals. Other people may not give two poops... but for accountability purposes, I'm writing them down anyway. :) Plus, I personally enjoy reading other people's goals! I think it's motivating and it's nice to encourage each other! I really enjoyed Amanda's post about how to keep your resolutions going past January! I think I'll be referring back to that post throughout the year as well.

On New Year's Day I asked Michael if he had any goals for this year. Like the typical man he is, he's says he didn't think about it. The only goal he has is to make more money and save more money. Ever hear the saying "you make more you spend more"? Yeah, that's Michael for ya. Funny how that works, huh?

Moving on...

The original and cliché goal - SAVE MORE MONEY. For not only us, but also Remington. Honestly this is one of our goals every year. Especially after saving really hard for over a year to pay for our wedding and then poof, all gone! In 2015 we actually did pretty good. Much better than we did in 2014. So here's to hoping that 2016 is even better! If we could actually make and stick to a weekly/monthly budget, that would help. But.... we're terrible at that. What can I say, little steps. ((It's unfortunate that baby stuff is so darn cute and addictive... I have a hard time refraining from some of those purchases. Whoops.))

In addition to saving money, Michael and I both agree we need to PAY OFF THE CAR. It would save us $210 a month. After that we would like to work on paying extra on our RV and pickup (2017 goals?!). After that the only debt we would have is our home!

I'd like to spend less time on my iPhone or the computer and spend more time READING. I've been noting a few book recommendations and I'm hoping to get back in the swing of reading something besides the words of the internet. We are going on a road trip to KY in a week so I really need to get my hands on something like today. Any recommendations for must reads are appreciated! (Kristen, I know you have a list! Lol)

Now that I'm home all day every day, I really need to step up my game on MEAL PLANNING. Especially because I need 3 meals a day. Or should I say, especially because the grocery store is over a half hour away and I have very little interest in going there every week. (I can get fresh fruits and veggies local but other items are way too pricy at a small town store). I get so bored with meals. I've seen a lot of great posts about freezer meal dump bags and meal prepping one day a week. I would love to get back in the habit of using my meal planning pintables again as well.

I'd like to become more KNOWLEDGEABLE WITH MY DSLR. I've had it for almost 3 years and I still barely know a thing about it. I really enjoy taking pictures. Especially of Remington. But I'd like to become more "professional" with the quality of pictures I take. I've always wanted to get into photography, I've just never taken the time to learn. Laura's post for beginners is a great place to start!

Last but not least, FOCUS ON HAPPINESS AND LOVE LIFE. Last year was not only an amazing year with welcoming our bundle of Joy into our lives, but we also hit some rough patches. There were many many many times I felt I was struggling to find happiness and positivity. In 2016, I want to focus on being happy, being thankful, being positive, having faith, and to learn to love every (good and bad) minute of my life.
What are your goals for 2016?!


  1. I think these are all super great goals for 2016! Saving money can be so difficult but I think you guys will do awesome this year! And I LOVE the last one! I think that needs to be a goal for all of us! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Sounds like you have some great goals! I would love to get back into reading as well, and I totally feel you on the DSLR camera. 3 and a half years and I'm embarrassed to say I still shoot in auto.

  3. I've been saving for the wedding and after that's over it will be saving for the house. Getting old BLOWS. lol

  4. It all sounds so easy on paper, when I pick up a book to read, I fall asleep in an instant.

  5. Love this list...reading, learning how to work my camera, annnnd meal planning are all awesome goals and I definitely need to adopt them too :)!

  6. i love goals, no shame. i love to buy things, you know i do haha, but my main goal this year is definitely to pay off debt (mainly credit cards, oops) and work off paying off the cars and save all the money! i wish we could make more money haha. girl you know i have a million book recommendations all the time! depends on what you feel like reading! Liane Moriarty is my current fave, big little lies and what alice forgot were fabulous! good luck with 2016, hope it is better than 2015!

  7. Great resolutions and we have a lot of similar ones! We've been getting a lot better at meal planning, but there's always room for improvement. What are some of you tricks to create tasty dishes without taking up too much of your quality family time?

    Lisa Favre

  8. these are all great goals! We did awful saving money in 2015 and honestly, 2016 hasn't started off too great! we've got to get better at this! I didn't even do a goals post this year because my only goal is to grow this baby! ha!