Monday, February 29, 2016

Bump Watch #2 ♥ Pregnancy Test to 17 Weeks

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments and well wishes with our announcement of Baby #2! As I mentioned, I'd like to share/document our story on how we found out we were expecting and how things have been going up until now! I don't intend to do weekly posts consistently because I just don't have the time for it nor do I want to bore everyone ;)
Were we planning/trying: Yes and no... Well more towards no, but I'll save the TMI for ourselves ;) We discussed having our children close together and ideally wanted them to be anywhere from 18-24 months apart. We obviously know how babies are made so we weren't preventing it and we had the mentality that "if it's meant to be it will be". It just so happened to be sooner than we thought it would be. But that's okay! We put it into God's hands and this is what was meant to be!
Pregnancy Test: As I mentioned above, we hadn't necessarily "tried" so after a few days of my period being late I thought hmm... must just be stress. A few more days had went by and I was talking with my cousin and she's like "Julie! Go get a pregnancy test!"A few more days went by and I was suddenly nausea, puking, had the poops, and was completely exhausted. But my boobs didn't hurt... so nah, I couldn't be pregnant. (denial) So I finally took a trip to the store. Mind you, taking a trip to the store isn't just around the corner. It's a 30+ minute drive one way. The last thing I wanted to do was pack up Remington and take a drive let alone a walk into Walmart when I felt like I was on my death bed. Oh and keep I mind, Michael knows none of this. He doesn't know my period is late. He just knows I don't feel so great for some reason. So I get back home from the store, which took longer than expected and there is a showing on our house in a short 15 minutes... but I couldn't wait until after they had left I had to know now! So I tinkled on the stick and before I could even set that bad boy down, it was positive. Well... I guess there's no need for a backup test! That night I talked to Michael on the phone and he asked "So what's new? How was your day?" Oh nothing is new Michael. Nothing at all.....
How I told the hubs: It was a Tuesday that I took the test. Michael comes home on Friday nights. I didn't want to tell him over the phone or via text. And I certainly didn't feel well enough to drive all the way to see him in person. So I kept it a secret until he came home. In the meantime, I had to get creative on how to tell him.  It was getting close to Christmas so I decided a Christmas theme. I know a gal who makes t-shirts locally. So I reached out to her, took her one of Remington's onesies, and she made it up overnight. Friday night's when Michael gets home from work it's typically late but luckily Remington was still awake so when he got in the shower I put the onesie on her and when he got out of the shower I told him she had a new shirt to show him. (I took a video of this moment!) It took him a few seconds to read it. Then he read it again. Looked at me and said "Seriously??..... Oh boy!" Then I cried. :) 
Weeks 6-10: Miserable with a capital M. The week I had finally taken the pregnancy test I was 6 weeks pregnant already. So technically starting with week 5 is when I started feeling ill. Thankfully the week after we found out, Michael was getting laid off work. Having him home to do everything and help with Remington was a HUGE life saver. That's no exaggeration to how terrible I felt. I would literally get up with Remington and move to the couch or living room floor and only get up to make her food or wash bottles. Oh and I took showers sometimes. Showers made me feel ever worse so that wasn't fun either.
Weeks 11-12: I was beginning to feel better a little bit day by day. The evenings were my toughest time. I still wasn't sleeping because I was constantly nausea. But at least during the day I was able to get some stuff done, eat a little bit more, and just not be as miserable as I had been.
Weeks 13-16: The day I hit the second trimester was a total game changer! I felt myself again! 
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 
How far long: 17w3d

Gender: Unknown (haven't decided if we're going to find out or not.... so hard to decide since we found out with the first one!
Weight Gain: Around 8lbs (it sure did feel like it came on fast!)

Baby Size: Comparable to the size of an onion. 5.1" and 5.9oz

Fun Fact: Baby's cartilage is now turning into bone!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet! I'm lucky to be able to stay home in my PJ's or sweat pants or leggings most days. I have used the belly band a few times. I tried to wear a pear of my maternity jeans just to be comfy while running errands and apparently my belly isn't big enough (could of fooled me!) to hold them up so they kept falling down. Therefore I looked like I had a saggy butt all day and that drives me nuts!

Sleep: It's been hit and miss. Some nights I sleep great and other night's I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep for hours.

Movement: I've felt a few small movements but nothing major yet!

Stretch Marks: Not yet! Being sure to moisturize twice a day!

Cravings: None really. This past week suddenly I want everything spicy... specifically buffalo chicken and spicy Chinese. Oh and for some reason when I'm pregnant I want lunch meat. I don't typically eat lunch meat but since you not supposed to eat it while pregnant, I all of a sudden want it.

Belly Button: Umm.. did you miss it sticking out in the picture?! My damn belly button has decided to pop out extra early this time. Honest to goodness it's been inside out since about week 12. *sigh*

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Only if I don't eat.

Symptoms: Sore and enlarged boobs, acne suddenly (wth?!), easily out of breath (wth?!), a few similar symptoms of when I had gastritis last time. Thankfully it's been scarce and isn't sticking around.

What I miss: A glass of wine.

Emotions: I'm really nervous about life with two babies only 16 months apart. I know people do it and I know some people make it seem like a breeze... but being home alone for days/weeks at a time I fear will really put a wear on me. BUT, I am going to remain positive and keep telling myself that I CAN do it because it WILL be worth it! ♥

Dreams: Weird. Weird. Weiiiiird ass dreams... I don't even care to talk about the weirdness.

Hubby's thoughts: Michael is excited for baby #2! As most people know, he's not a very emotional person so he really doesn't say much. He did ask me the other day how the baby is doing and if he/she has moved at all. I was kind of shocked that he asked! Lol.

Nursery: I have absolutely zero thoughts on a nursery. Right now I'm still trying to decide if we're finding out or not. I'm also distracted with a possible sale on our house and with us really hoping praying to move before we have the baby, I don't want to spend the time creating the perfect nursery and then have to move anyways. Soooo different than my desire to begin Remington's Nursery ASAP! I promise Baby #2 we still love you just as much! ;)

Favorite Moment(s): Talking about baby names and thinking about what life with another little bundle of Joy will be like!
What I am looking forward to: Seeing our little babe on the ultrasound screen tomorrow!!!
Comparison of Baby #1: Honest to goodness I didn't intend to wear the same scarf! Lol. I don't even know how to describe the difference in my belly... strange!


Friday, February 19, 2016

Remington Rose is going to be... a big sister! ♥

Okay so maybe I left a minor little detail out of my recent Catching up post... We are so excited to announce that Remington is getting promoted to a big sister!!! Baby Joy #2 is due August 5th!

Although I haven't announced it on social media yet, I plan to do so this weekend. All of our family has been informed so that was the important part! It's been tough to keep it a secret for so long! The first trimester was very rough for me (unlike with my first pregnancy) so every day was a focus to just get through the day. Once I reached the second trimester I finally started thinking about how we would make the announcement. So after planning that, getting pictures of Remington, making announcement cards, and mailing them out... here we are! At week 16 already!

These are the announcements we gave our parents at Christmas...
 These are the announcements we mailed out to Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles...

Flashback to our first pregnancy announcement! I'll do a pregnancy update post soon sharing more on how we found out, how things have been going, and my thoughts on having two babies under two!

Photo credit to Shanell Photography (except the Christmas photo)
Big Sister sticker - MaddiesMomE
Christmas announcement onesie - M&D Graphics

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Catching up...

I had intentions of keeping up to date with blog posts for the new year... until we've somehow managed to be nonstop busy the last few weeks and then we all came down with a yucky cold. :(  Therefore there definitely hasn't been time for catching up on blogging! Not to mention every time I try to get on the computer our internet service is down, which can be so frustrating at times!

With Michael's time off work coming to and end way too fast, we've spent the last month trying to cram in as much as we could. Time has just flown by! Especially ever since we've returned from our Kentucky trip. Despite being super busy, I haven't taken many pictures of what we've been up to. So here goes a whole bunch of randomness!

First things first, we celebrated the first of many Valentine's days with our sweet and sassy girl! ♥♥♥

One big thing that kept us occupied for a few days started with a phone call about an interested buyer for our house. After spending a day and a half making sure the place looked like a castle, they came over to "talk". Unfortunately, the conversation didn't go any different than it had on the phone and they were not willing to negotiate. They offered a very low offer and it's not something we are interested in accepting. Womp Womp....

Remington has really been enjoying playing with her car and we really enjoy watching her. So cute and funny!
She also really enjoys going into the basement with me when I workout. (Really putting in the effort towards my goals for the new year!) There's just so much room for her to run and of course more stuff to get into!  
I've been brainstorming ideas for Remington's 1st Birthday Party for months. I figured it was about time I start putting things together! This is a DIY tissue paper garland that I'm working on.
We finally got some snow! Remington hasn't been able to go out and play or go sledding yet this year because we hadn't gotten any snow. Of course now that we have some, it's below zero and we can't take her out! I'm hoping the temps warm up soon and we can go out to play before it's gone!  
Last week we spent over 10 hours driving plus over 8 hours shopping for a new camper at the Novi RV show. The first day we took Remi with us and she was good until it was time for bed and then she was a monster. We didn't think we would be there that late so that was our mistake for not planning properly. The second day luckily my sister in law was able to babysit and we were able to get the job done! Such a hard decision to make! But we are SO excited to get the one we decided on!! More to come on that soon.... Remington liked checking out all the showers and running up and down all the asiles. Silly girl!

We did a styled photoshoot for Shanell Photography. It was a lot of fun however the building it was in didn't have heat! So it was absolutely frigid! But we survived! :) I can't wait to see all the final images! Which of course I will share!

And of course, lots of messes with this little girl ♥


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Remington Rose ♥ 10 Months

Well look whose 10 months old already?! As of last week that is! It seems like just yesterday this sassy girl was born and I can't believe we are so close to her 1st birthday! 
Weight/Length: 22 lbs and 28.5" long as of her last Dr. Appointment
Clothes: 12 months and size 3 shoes
Sleep HabitsWE ARE IMPROVING!!! Michael and I decided we really needed to work on letting her cry it out. Which is SO hard to do. Especially considering she was still getting up to eat through the night so I was really worried that she was hungry. We decided to start giving her one last bottle when she started getting tired, regardless of when she had her previous bottle. This way we would know she was going to sleep with a full belly. For the first 3 days I think the longest she would cry was maybe 20 minutes (if that). She would wake up after 4-6 hours and we would leave her to cry herself back to sleep. A few times at the beginning she just wasn't going back to sleep so I would feed her and put her back to bed. Luckily, we only had to do that for a few days before she would fall back to sleep within less than 5 minutes.
Long story short, as of today, she is typically going to bed sometime between 8-9pm and sleeping until 7-8am. She does still wake up 2-3 times through the night, however she cries herself right back to sleep within minutes. We do think that the white noise app and the night time diapers have helped as well! Sometimes I run to diffuser with peace and calming, lavender, or gentle baby and that helps too!
Eating Habits: Little Miss Piggy loooves to eat! She especially likes to share whatever Michael or I eat. Fruit is probably her favorite. She also loves toast and pasta. She dislikes a lot of stuff.
DiapersShe is still in size 4 Honest diapers. We're on our second pack of Honest overnights and so far I think they do absorb more and have helped our transition through the night!
Appearance: She still has her chubby little legs and that big ol pot belly! Her hair is thickening up which makes it seem to me more of a dirty blonde color. She has 7 teeth total (4 on top, 3 on bottom). She also has a mild case of eczema.
Nicknames: Stinky, Sassy pants, Remi, Remi Roo, Tiny, Tiny Toots, Tootsies, Baby
FirstsI can't even keep track!
Doing/LearningShe has went from walking to running (at times). She's learned that I point my finger when I tell her no, so now she points her finger back at me. She says Mama (sometimes). She talks and makes the cutest noises as if she's having a conversation with herself. She likes to feed the dogs or just hold food out for them to sniff.
Likes: Finding the remote is her daily goal and she gets so excited when she gets it. She also likes to carry around our iPhones. She also really likes the dogs, but they don't like her very much. :( Stuffed animals, the dogs toys, anything that makes noise, books with animals, unfolding laundry, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mama's makeup bag, bathtime, and her new car that she can ride in.
Dislikes: She dislikes being told no, wearing socks, having something taken away from her, when she is hungry or tired and you set her down or walk out of her sight she acts like the world is ending. She especially dislikes when we go on the other side of the dog gate and keep her locked out. She still isn't a fan of riding in the pickup but she's getting a little better.  
Mommy's FeelingsHaving Michael home for the last 6 weeks has been very refreshing. I feel like I've regained some sanity and maybe even caught up on some sleep! Time is definitely flying and I'm trying to soak it all in while I can! 


Catch up here...
10 Months

Monday, February 1, 2016

Road Trip - Louisville, KY

This past weekend we took our first road trip as a family! We went to the QDMA National Convention which was hosted in Louisville, Kentucky!

We've never been able to attend the convention before because it's always been in the summertime during a weekend that we already had plans or Michael was busy with work. So this year when it was announced that it would be during the winter time when Michael was laid off, we decided to take advantage of it. The only thing we were unsure of was the long drive with a baby. But, there was no way I was leaving her in Michigan. (Although I did think about it for 3 seconds) :)

Thursday morning, 4:30am we got up and finished loading up the last minute bags so we could get started on our 8 hour drive. Luckily, Remington was just waking up to eat anyways. So once she was done eating we put her in the car seat and she went right back to sleep. When she woke up, we stopped for breakfast. Some of my family was traveling with us so we met them at iHop. I've only had iHop 3 times before because there isn't any near by our house so I was pretty excited about that. Apparently, so was Remington.
Remington did pretty good the rest of the trip. She took another nap and then I had to get in the backseat and ride with her the rest of the way. I thought I was going to need a barf bag because I was getting so nausea. But the baby was happy so that's all that mattered.
We checked into our hotel room around 2pm (I think). We stayed at a Residence Marriot based on the fact that every room was a large suite and had a mini kitchen, and they gave us a great rate. We were happy with our experience there. After unpacking our million bags, we got ready to go register for the convention and attend the Tailgate dinner.
Remington enjoyed the dinner and expo center. There was all sorts of room for her to run around. She's at the point where she is hard to keep still or keep content in her stroller. She just wants to run. Which means she also wants to fight sleep because she doesn't want to miss out on any opportunities. Sigh.  
By time we got back to the hotel, Remington was fussy and fighting sleep pretty hard. It wasn't until around 11pm that she finally went to sleep. Michael and I crashed as well.
Friday morning, Michael woke up early and went to some seminars. I opted for sleeping in. Eventually the girls (myself, step mom, and sister) plus Ryan made it over to the expo center for the Whitetail luncheon. Again, Remington had no interest in staying in her stroller or being held. She just wanted to run. Look at that grin... stinker pie!
After lunch we headed to the Deer & Turkey Expo to check out all sorts of vendors before we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. By the time we left there, little Miss had again fought sleep and was pure sassy.
Our dinner plans turned into a fiasco and we wound up getting Chinese takeout. I'm pretty sure my "chicken" dish was cat or some other form of Chinese food. Yikes. But that's a whole other story in itself.
Remington again fought sleep until 11pm. Talk about being pooped out. Apparently she wasn't feeling the same.
Saturday morning we had breakfast at the hotel lobby. Remington's expression did not contain as much excitement as iHop. Ha!
After some seminars, another shopping trip around the expo, and lunch, we hung out at the hotel until it was time for the Grand Banquet Dinner where we again spent the majority of our night chasing around our energizer bunny. The only 2 things that kept her mind off running around was these deer mounts and food.  


Around 9:30pm we called for the shuttle and headed back to the hotel to get packed up and ready for our journey home.
Luckily, Remington fell asleep by 10pm. Michael and I were up until almost 11pm packing. A short 4 hours later... Miss sassy pants woke us up at 4:20 to eat. We took advantage of her being up and just started loading everything up to head home. Apparently she was ready to go too because she was wide eyed and busy tailed!
Our venture home did not go as smooth as our road trip down. We made a ton of stops. We listened to a lot of crying and we had to take turns driving to rotate who entertained Remi. But, after nearly 11 hours of driving, we made it home around 4:30pm Sunday evening. And man, were we exhausted!
Overall, it was a nice little road trip! Although it's always nice to be back home! We were kind of bummed we didn't really get to do any sight seeing or touring Louisville, but we were glad we were able to attend our first QDMA National Convention! Maybe next time we will win some prizes!