Sunday, February 14, 2016

Catching up...

I had intentions of keeping up to date with blog posts for the new year... until we've somehow managed to be nonstop busy the last few weeks and then we all came down with a yucky cold. :(  Therefore there definitely hasn't been time for catching up on blogging! Not to mention every time I try to get on the computer our internet service is down, which can be so frustrating at times!

With Michael's time off work coming to and end way too fast, we've spent the last month trying to cram in as much as we could. Time has just flown by! Especially ever since we've returned from our Kentucky trip. Despite being super busy, I haven't taken many pictures of what we've been up to. So here goes a whole bunch of randomness!

First things first, we celebrated the first of many Valentine's days with our sweet and sassy girl! ♥♥♥

One big thing that kept us occupied for a few days started with a phone call about an interested buyer for our house. After spending a day and a half making sure the place looked like a castle, they came over to "talk". Unfortunately, the conversation didn't go any different than it had on the phone and they were not willing to negotiate. They offered a very low offer and it's not something we are interested in accepting. Womp Womp....

Remington has really been enjoying playing with her car and we really enjoy watching her. So cute and funny!
She also really enjoys going into the basement with me when I workout. (Really putting in the effort towards my goals for the new year!) There's just so much room for her to run and of course more stuff to get into!  
I've been brainstorming ideas for Remington's 1st Birthday Party for months. I figured it was about time I start putting things together! This is a DIY tissue paper garland that I'm working on.
We finally got some snow! Remington hasn't been able to go out and play or go sledding yet this year because we hadn't gotten any snow. Of course now that we have some, it's below zero and we can't take her out! I'm hoping the temps warm up soon and we can go out to play before it's gone!  
Last week we spent over 10 hours driving plus over 8 hours shopping for a new camper at the Novi RV show. The first day we took Remi with us and she was good until it was time for bed and then she was a monster. We didn't think we would be there that late so that was our mistake for not planning properly. The second day luckily my sister in law was able to babysit and we were able to get the job done! Such a hard decision to make! But we are SO excited to get the one we decided on!! More to come on that soon.... Remington liked checking out all the showers and running up and down all the asiles. Silly girl!

We did a styled photoshoot for Shanell Photography. It was a lot of fun however the building it was in didn't have heat! So it was absolutely frigid! But we survived! :) I can't wait to see all the final images! Which of course I will share!

And of course, lots of messes with this little girl ♥



  1. She's getting so big!! Such a cutie! Congrats on landing the plane and picking out a new camper - that's exciting!

  2. Can't believe she will be a year soon, it goes sooo fast...:( Excited to see your new camper!!

  3. Girl, y'all have been busy! Can't wait to hear about the new RV! And you rock for working out!

  4. Wow you have been busy! Remington looks like she loves that pink car!

  5. I am so behind on blogging too! I swear life is on fast forward or something. Hell next week we start March!!! I can't wait to see your new camper, for you guys picking a new camper is just like picking out a house! I am sure it will be gorgeous!!!!