Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bump Watch ♥ 20 Weeks

How far long: 20w4d

Gender: Unknown (haven't decided if we're going to find out or not.... so hard to decide since we found out with the first one!) Minor detail.... we may have an envelope from my last ultrasound appointment that we got "just in case" we decided we wanted to know! The envelope has be folded up and tucked away and honestly, we've had no temptations! But we've laughed about it!
Weight Gain: I'm already tempted to stop tracking this. It's such nonsense. I'm somewhere around 15lb weight gain already. What. The. Hell.

Baby Size: Comparable to the size of a banana. 6.5" and 10.2oz

Fun Fact: Baby's taste buds are now working!

Maternity Clothes: For the most part, no. But my pre-pregnancy jeans are getting snug!

Sleep: If I fall asleep and stay asleep, all is well. But if I wake up, I'm up. For hours. Not nice!

Movement: Not much.. I told Michael it kind of worries me. I remember Remington being a crazy animal in there and this baby apparently just doesn't move like she did.

Stretch Marks: Not yet! Being sure to moisturize twice a day! The ta-ta's are getting itchy though I know that's never a good thing.

Cravings: Last week I had a sudden craving for a cake... So instead I made pudding.

Belly Button: Umm.. did you miss it sticking out in the picture?! My damn belly button has decided to pop out extra early this time. Honest to goodness it's been inside out since about week 12. *sigh*

Anything making you queasy or sick?: No.

Symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary... just the typical sore/heavy boobs and easily winded.

What I miss: A glass of wine and a normal belly button.

Emotions: I'm excited that our house sold yet I'm kind of freaking out that we won't have a place to live and I'll be delivery this baby. Or better yet, with my luck, we'll be moving/closing on a house the day I go into labor. You watch.

Dreams: None about the baby.

Hubby's thoughts: Michael doesn't say too much...

Nursery: I have absolutely zero thoughts on a nursery. I don't want to spend the time creating the perfect nursery and then have to move anyways. A couple weeks ago we went shopping at BRU and Buy Buy Baby to look at furniture. If it's a boy, I kind of want wood. If it's a girl, I think I want white this time. We're leaning towards a full slotted crib rather than a solid back because you can't put a crib bumper up along the solid back and Remington hits her head and wakes up crying all the time.

Favorite Moment(s): Seeing him/her on the ultrasound a couple weeks ago is always exciting! Also, excited that we will more than likely be moved and Michael will be home so much more to  help me with these two little munchkins! Oh and also, I went to a Mom to Mom sale and scored a few boy/gender neutral items for cheap!
What I am looking forward to: Moving and creating a nursery for the little one!
Comparison of Baby #1: I feel like its too early to tell. Looks about the same to me!
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  1. You look gorgeous girl! All belly for sure! I can't believe you're still in regular clothes too, if that was me I'd be huge and have to be in maternity clothes! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I'm so impressed you are still in regular jeans! I haven't been in those in weeks! I also have no idea how you have the envelope in your possession and haven't looked at it yet. I would be dying!

  3. Your bump is soooooooooooo cute, lady! Seriously, you are rocking the bump.

    I think it's awesome you aren't finding out the gender, that's our plan when kids come along.

  4. i want you to find out the sex because i'm nosy hahaha. but i don't think i'll find out for myself because apparently i'm not that nosy ;) definitely stop tracking weight, that doesn't mean anything. you're making a human!

  5. I was always so self conscious because Ava didn't move much, not until the very end when she was so big she was basically out of room. I could feel her a certain times of day but I was almost in my third trimester before I could feel anything at all.