Friday, April 29, 2016


Finally... it's Friday! Yay! Seriously, this week drug on! Poor Remi is cutting another molar (I think) and she has been on/off miserable. Mostly at night time and sporadically throughout the day. Hello cuddles. But the whole being awake listening to her scream for 3+ hours every night is for the birds! Not only does it break my heart and make me feel SO helpless, but I wouldn't mind some sleep too!  

Anyways, since I haven't accomplished much this week besides a Dr visit for Baby #2 (all is well.. passed the glucose and 140bpm heartbeat, yay!), lots of snuggles, attempted to run errands with crabby baby, a little bit of packing, and a mini shopping splurge (Hello MacBook and Apple Watch!) I used all my spare evening time to put together a post for Amanda's Friday Favorite linkup!! Impressive, I know. 

These tasty little energy bites are one of my tried and true favorites! They are super easy to make and help curve my sweet tooth lately too!

Aren't these tops from Adoring Shoppe the cutest. I wouldn't mind the coral one. So springy! Wouldn't it look so cute with white pants or even shorts in the summer time?! 

With moving into our camper soon, I decided to purchase the Bumbo Multi Seat  rather than dealing with the Portable High Chair. This way, I can strap the Bumbo to one of the dining table chairs and it won't be in the way when it's not in use. I have to say, this seat is a HUGE improvement compared to the original Bumbo Floor Seat! I hated that thing and never even used it! But, now having this upgraded Multi seat, I would highly recommend it to anyone for their baby registry or just for a must have item. It can be use from the time they are 6 months (or sooner/learning to sit) until they are 3 years old! Not to mention that the design is so genius! The removable tray is easily stored in the back of the seat and the straps to attach to a chair are retractable!

Also with moving into the camper, I've been talking about getting a laptop because, well duh. (Before Michael was on board with it, his initial comments were, "You have your phone..." and "What do you need a computer for?" insert eye roll). It's been 2 years since I've had one and obviously there's not much room in the camper to set up a desktop computer. I didn't intend on getting a Mac, but they had a really good deal on it and I felt like  it would be a better investment. Michael suggested looking at a Mac, surprisingly. Also, while I was at Best Buy, I looked at the Apple Watches vs. a Fitbit. I've been wanting one of those as well. So I pretty much took the splurge and got both a laptop and an Apple Watch. Michael didn't really approve of the watch... so then once I got home I had buyers remorse and I didn't open the watch up for a day and a half. I contemplated taking it back. But, I didn't so theres that. 

Long story short, what's your suggestions, tips, must haves, etc for a MacBook and/or an iWatch??! I need all the help I can get! 

Side note: Do you have a glass screen protection for your phone or Apple Watch? One thing I did get was the ZAGG InvisibleShield for my watch because I love the shield for my iPhone! It has a lifetime replacement and it protects your screen from ever getting damaged. Both Michael and I have already replaced the shields on our phones and all we had to pay was $5.99 shipping.

And because I barely survived a day of shopping/running errands with a craaaaabby baby, I'll just leave this here.... True story. 

Per usual, saving the best for last... My sassy little packing partner is always my favorite! Here's to hoping she feels better this weekend! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekending: Finally Catching Up

This little space is way overdue for a weekend recap with Biana!
We are finally getting caught up around these parts. Well kind of. I can mostly say that because we found out at the end of this past week that the buyers for our house will need another week or so. Which means we can finally take a little breather and this week/weekend we didn't have to bust ass so much. We actually had a full day on Sunday where it was just us 3 (or should I say 6 including the dogs and baby belly)!
Our weekend wasn't too much to write home about, but nonetheless, it was better than the craziness our lives have been lately! I feel like I'm finally catching up rather than barely treading water! Thank goodness!
Friday night with hammy Sammy looked like this post bath time as we waited for Dada to get home. She's been having a dry scalp lately, so I was trying to brush some coconut oil into her hair. She wasn't happy about it. ♥
Saturday morning Remi and I headed to a Mom to Mom sale bright and early. By "bright and early" I mean leaving the house by 8:30. That's huge for us! Ha! I've been on the lookout for a double jogger and a pack n play for my Dad's house. The sale was quite small and packed into a small area. I normally enjoy M2M sales but with it being so hard to look, I didn't have any interest in sticking around. I did find a couple cheap summer items so I snagged those and we headed right back home.  
We had company for the day to help with moving. My Dad has enjoyed coming over every weekend because he likes to see Remi. We've enjoyed seeing him too! We have really accomplished a lot in such a short time frame and I think it's safe to say we have an empty house and we're ready to wrap this moving thing up!
Since we've caught up, I was able to finish these two sewing projects during naptime for a baby shower gift. A DIY carseat canopy and a carseat insert/blanket. I really loved these items for Remington so I like giving useful gifts to others that I think they will love as well. Now to monogram the canopy or not....
Once all of our company left on Saturday evening, we headed out to the camper to do some cleaning, unpacking, and organizing to better prepare for moving into it soon. Over the last few weeks we've just been tossing things in there we will want and not putting them away, so it was quite the disaster. Miss Sassy pants really enjoys looking out the windows, so she crawled right over Michael's head and onto the back of the chair. Like an animal. Literally.
Sunday was a little more of a relaxing day. I threw a roast in the crockpot first thing in the morning so I didn't have to worry about cooking. We didn't have company over to assist with moving all weekend (that was a first in almost 5 weeks). We did some more organizing in the camper, took  a load of stuff to the storage unit, Remington loved being outside and collected rocks per usual, I worked on another sewing project during naptime, and that's about it! 

Oh yes, I failed to mention the lack of sleep we got all weekend because our poor girl was so miserable with teething. If you look closely you can see that big 'ol molar that's come in. Geesh. Poor girl! I think she has another one coming in on the left side too.
Lastly, I finally took a baby bump update pic! I've been majorly slacking with my belly pics this time around! I was 25 weeks as of Friday. Baby is becoming a little more active, yet still not as active as Remi was. I've been having some slight acid reflux discomfort and still some slight pain in my lower abdomen which is probably from too much bending/lifting/packing. Other than that (as well as being extra emotional), I've got no complaints and I've been feeling pretty good!
Side note: The weather is not as nice as this picture perceives! It was windy and 40 degrees and I was cold! Southern friends, send some warmth! Please!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Confession Session

Things have been a little crazy around our neck of the woods... emphasis on crazy. Between packing, pregnancy, chasing a wild child, emotions, Dr appointments, and whatever else seems to fall into my lap lately - I just can't get ahead. And let me tell you, the emotions and stress is getting the best of me. So how about I enlighten us all with some confessions of life lately...
I confess...
... In the midst of packing, I've realized we have way too much stuff. Why do we even have some of this stuff??? I'm to the point now that I'm just throwing things away. Hmm... haven't used this in 5 years... garbage!
... I might be borderline hoarder....type A organized hoarder if such thing exists. I found a locked chest in our basement, located the key in my jewelry box, opened the chest to find... a stack of notes from middle school all unfolded and neatly piled. Wth?! There were all sorts of other random finds in there. What is wrong with me?!
... I counted all my jeans as I packed them away... is it normal to have 26 pairs?? Only 3-4 are my favorites but yes of course I need to keep them all. Don't ask me to count my dresses.
...I loathe when I have to get dressed to go somewhere. Mostly for the reason that I have to put on a regular bra rather than a sports bra. All about comfort over here.
... I am failing miserably at my yearly goal of meal planning/cooking. I barely cook and I'm still in the kitchen washing (and drying) dishes 3+ times a day. Could you imagine how many times I'd do dishes if I actually cooked something??? Gag me.
... Due to my lack of about said cooking, I feel guilty Remington isn't getting a better variety of meals.
... I'm getting sick of having the conversation with people about our moving/living situation. It's so repetitive and people's opinions about us living in a camper are ridiculous. (Trust me, I think living in a camper is ridiculous as well, but it beats living 100 miles apart from my husband) 
... I'm an emotional hot mess the last week or so. So much to do. So little time. So many unknowns.
... I feel completely different about our dogs than I did pre-baby. It would probably be different if they were good around Remington, but they're not. I've mentioned getting rid of them multiple times yet it breaks my heart to think about doing that.
... I've had intentions of doing some recipe blog posts or maybe even a bump update, or some spring wish list items, etc. But, obviously I'm failing miserably at putting those together.
... I went to Subway the other day and as I was choosing veggies to put on my sub they were telling me they were out of this, that, and the other thing. I legit wanted to tell them forget the sub and walk out.

... I took my glucose test the other day and I am a bit nervous for the results. I've been terrible about sweets lately and I have zero self control. Send help!
... I can't do a post without a picture of Remi Roo! ♥

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Industrial Glam Styled Wedding Photoshoot by Shanell Photography©

How about a little Wedding Wednesday post!? I remember when I first started this blog and I was planning our wedding... Wednesday wedding posts were some of my favorite! Even though this has nothing to do with Michael and I's wedding... it's still something I would love to share! (Finally!) The industrial glam details of this styled wedding just blow my mind... absolutely stunning! Even Michael commented on how cool the colors and copper details were! I've been waiting patiently since February to share this shoot!
Before I share my thoughts/favorite photos, be sure to check our the feature with additional photos on Wedding Chicks as well as Shanell Photography's blog post. All copyrights go to Shanell Photography.
As ya'll know, Shanell Photography is my favorite and I don't just say that because she's a friend. She does such amazing work and I'm definitely addicted to having her do photo sessions for our family! When she asked me if Michael and I would be willing to model for a styled session for an entry to be published/advertised, I did not hesitate! Annnnd I didn't ask Michael's permission. I just volunteered him and thankfully he didn't complain! (Thanks hunnie!) Not only did this shoot sound so fun to just show up and not worry about anything besides bringing myself (and my husband), but also because she gave us copyrights to the images! More pictures to hang in our house someday?! Yes please! Although, I was a little hesitant because I was pregnant and hadn't announced it yet so I gave her the little secret and she still asked us to do it!
So a little behind the scenes of these photos... because, well, who doesn't like the reality of things?!
• I was 15 weeks pregnant at the time
• The venue was The Henry Ford Piquette Plant in Detroit. Where the first Model T was built. How cool is that?!
• The fancy 'ole historical building didn't have heat. Which we didn't find out until we got there that morning. Mind you it was mid February in Michigan and maybe 30 degrees that day...
• There was a small amount of heat in one of the bathrooms (45 degrees I think the thermostat said) so we hung out in there as often as we could...
• I originally got fitted for a different dress which was gorgeous! The dress shop mailed it to the wedding planner and it somehow got lost so the dress in the photos is a different one they shipped last minute, which was way too big and we didn't have any pins to pin it.
• The silver lining of the above comment? Due to said dress being too big, I have jeans on underneath the dress. Give me all the layers!

Okay so let's get to the good stuff! It was slightly impossible to pick favorites.... I'll start with the details first... Copper, macaroon cake (yes please!), rustic floral, navy tux with a bow tie on the hubs (Mmmmhmm), and Moscow mules!



I personally feel like the details were the most important pieces I wanted to share about this shoot because they were so gorgeous and unique! The other minor detail is the models... us! Haha! I love that I'll have these photos to cherish forever. A memory of the time we played dress up as a bride and groom... This time with our second baby on the way. ♥



Vendor credits
Event Planning by Mitten Weddings & Events
Venue: Ford Piquette Plant - Detroit, Michigan
Copper Bride/Groom Chair Detail: Fancy Face Studio
 Hair & Makeup: B's Makeup Artistry
Cake & Macaroon Tower: Brookie's Cookies & Cakes
Additional Rental Supplies: Event Source