Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Confession Session

Things have been a little crazy around our neck of the woods... emphasis on crazy. Between packing, pregnancy, chasing a wild child, emotions, Dr appointments, and whatever else seems to fall into my lap lately - I just can't get ahead. And let me tell you, the emotions and stress is getting the best of me. So how about I enlighten us all with some confessions of life lately...
I confess...
... In the midst of packing, I've realized we have way too much stuff. Why do we even have some of this stuff??? I'm to the point now that I'm just throwing things away. Hmm... haven't used this in 5 years... garbage!
... I might be borderline hoarder....type A organized hoarder if such thing exists. I found a locked chest in our basement, located the key in my jewelry box, opened the chest to find... a stack of notes from middle school all unfolded and neatly piled. Wth?! There were all sorts of other random finds in there. What is wrong with me?!
... I counted all my jeans as I packed them away... is it normal to have 26 pairs?? Only 3-4 are my favorites but yes of course I need to keep them all. Don't ask me to count my dresses.
...I loathe when I have to get dressed to go somewhere. Mostly for the reason that I have to put on a regular bra rather than a sports bra. All about comfort over here.
... I am failing miserably at my yearly goal of meal planning/cooking. I barely cook and I'm still in the kitchen washing (and drying) dishes 3+ times a day. Could you imagine how many times I'd do dishes if I actually cooked something??? Gag me.
... Due to my lack of about said cooking, I feel guilty Remington isn't getting a better variety of meals.
... I'm getting sick of having the conversation with people about our moving/living situation. It's so repetitive and people's opinions about us living in a camper are ridiculous. (Trust me, I think living in a camper is ridiculous as well, but it beats living 100 miles apart from my husband) 
... I'm an emotional hot mess the last week or so. So much to do. So little time. So many unknowns.
... I feel completely different about our dogs than I did pre-baby. It would probably be different if they were good around Remington, but they're not. I've mentioned getting rid of them multiple times yet it breaks my heart to think about doing that.
... I've had intentions of doing some recipe blog posts or maybe even a bump update, or some spring wish list items, etc. But, obviously I'm failing miserably at putting those together.
... I went to Subway the other day and as I was choosing veggies to put on my sub they were telling me they were out of this, that, and the other thing. I legit wanted to tell them forget the sub and walk out.

... I took my glucose test the other day and I am a bit nervous for the results. I've been terrible about sweets lately and I have zero self control. Send help!
... I can't do a post without a picture of Remi Roo! ♥


  1. I have a ton of jeans too! I just got rid of a pair that I've legit had for 5 years and have never ever worn. There is nothing wrong with living in your camper! Honestly, that's our retirement plan and doing it while you have young children is the best time to do it.

  2. Haha I'm the same type of hoarder as you! I have no idea why I keep some of the things I do but everything is nicely filed! And sending you all the thoughts and prayers for your glucose test, you'll be fine! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I start throwing entirely too many things away every time I have to pack, too!

  4. WE ARE THE SAME PERSON! haha seriously we are so much alike. However, I'm sorry to hear about all the stress - good grief I know its tough to have so much going on at once! Also, on a happier note, that pic of Remi is too much cuteness for one photo! Love you! xo

  5. Oh girl!! Sending hugs. Seriously, cooking and blogging are not important when you've got so much going on! Cut yourself some slack and I hope the stress dies down here soon. At least you've got the cutest little miss to keep you company. :)

  6. I'm the same with hoarding. My problem is I will throw and will totally need it a week later. :(
    Just remember this won't last forever, it may feel that way but it goes so quick!! Remi is so damn cute!!

  7. i hate when subway (or anywhere) is out of crap. i am also sucky on the meal planning and cooking. but don't feel guilty girl. also, i don't like when people get rid of their pets for no reason when they have kids, but like you said, they aren't good around Remi and you're about to have a new baby. my aunty refused to get rid of her dog when she had kids, even when the dog was really bad around the kids, and the dog ended up taking a chunk out of one of the kids' chins. anyway. not trying to scare you obviously! but trust your gut. and screw everyone who says anything about your living situation. when did you ask them to move in with you? oh, you didn't? then they can shut the hell up.

  8. Ha! Type A organized hoarder over here too. I think I might have 4 pair of jeans though...I love throwing shit away. I went through my closet a month ago and reduced it by half and still don't have space for anything else.

  9. Girl, I have SO MANY JEANS. Probably at least 10 pairs. Why? But they each have a specific purpose! I'm sorry people are giving you a hard time about the camper. I feel like we all just need to let people decide to do what is the best thing for them and stop arguing about everything!