Friday, April 29, 2016


Finally... it's Friday! Yay! Seriously, this week drug on! Poor Remi is cutting another molar (I think) and she has been on/off miserable. Mostly at night time and sporadically throughout the day. Hello cuddles. But the whole being awake listening to her scream for 3+ hours every night is for the birds! Not only does it break my heart and make me feel SO helpless, but I wouldn't mind some sleep too!  

Anyways, since I haven't accomplished much this week besides a Dr visit for Baby #2 (all is well.. passed the glucose and 140bpm heartbeat, yay!), lots of snuggles, attempted to run errands with crabby baby, a little bit of packing, and a mini shopping splurge (Hello MacBook and Apple Watch!) I used all my spare evening time to put together a post for Amanda's Friday Favorite linkup!! Impressive, I know. 

These tasty little energy bites are one of my tried and true favorites! They are super easy to make and help curve my sweet tooth lately too!

Aren't these tops from Adoring Shoppe the cutest. I wouldn't mind the coral one. So springy! Wouldn't it look so cute with white pants or even shorts in the summer time?! 

With moving into our camper soon, I decided to purchase the Bumbo Multi Seat  rather than dealing with the Portable High Chair. This way, I can strap the Bumbo to one of the dining table chairs and it won't be in the way when it's not in use. I have to say, this seat is a HUGE improvement compared to the original Bumbo Floor Seat! I hated that thing and never even used it! But, now having this upgraded Multi seat, I would highly recommend it to anyone for their baby registry or just for a must have item. It can be use from the time they are 6 months (or sooner/learning to sit) until they are 3 years old! Not to mention that the design is so genius! The removable tray is easily stored in the back of the seat and the straps to attach to a chair are retractable!

Also with moving into the camper, I've been talking about getting a laptop because, well duh. (Before Michael was on board with it, his initial comments were, "You have your phone..." and "What do you need a computer for?" insert eye roll). It's been 2 years since I've had one and obviously there's not much room in the camper to set up a desktop computer. I didn't intend on getting a Mac, but they had a really good deal on it and I felt like  it would be a better investment. Michael suggested looking at a Mac, surprisingly. Also, while I was at Best Buy, I looked at the Apple Watches vs. a Fitbit. I've been wanting one of those as well. So I pretty much took the splurge and got both a laptop and an Apple Watch. Michael didn't really approve of the watch... so then once I got home I had buyers remorse and I didn't open the watch up for a day and a half. I contemplated taking it back. But, I didn't so theres that. 

Long story short, what's your suggestions, tips, must haves, etc for a MacBook and/or an iWatch??! I need all the help I can get! 

Side note: Do you have a glass screen protection for your phone or Apple Watch? One thing I did get was the ZAGG InvisibleShield for my watch because I love the shield for my iPhone! It has a lifetime replacement and it protects your screen from ever getting damaged. Both Michael and I have already replaced the shields on our phones and all we had to pay was $5.99 shipping.

And because I barely survived a day of shopping/running errands with a craaaaabby baby, I'll just leave this here.... True story. 

Per usual, saving the best for last... My sassy little packing partner is always my favorite! Here's to hoping she feels better this weekend! 


  1. That bumbo is on my wish list for future babies. A friend lent us her floor seat and it was a life saver, so sad when little bear outgrew it...

    Fancy pants watch! Now you need to do an OOTD with it on :-)

  2. Yay for getting the apple watch! I don't have the screen protector for that, but I do have Zagg for my phone and LOVE it...I've had it for two years and have replaced it twice and for free which is awesome!! xo, Biana

  3. oh poor Remi! hope she feels better soon. i don't have any apple products except for my phone so i have no suggestions or whatever, sorry girl! i'll keep that bumbo in mind though lol i had no idea there was one you could use so long!

  4. We ditched our monstrous bulky high chair years ago and got one of those booster seats with a tray (not Bumbo, it was whatever was cheapest at Walmart at the time.) So much better, takes up less space, is easier to clean, not so ugly, and straps on or off of our regular dining room chairs easily. And costs about $100 less than a high chair.