Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Remington Rose ♥ Pink & Gold 1st Birthday Party!

* Picture heavy post
** Details of items found at end of post
It's already been a week since Remington's actual birthday and almost 5 days ago was her party! In true "just my luck" fashion (as is everything in my life) the poor birthday girl came down with a fever, boogers, and just plain ole getting sick just a few days prior to the party so unfortunately she was pure miserable. Luckily, I had all the food prepped and/or made the night before and I just had to get up at 4:30am to put the pork loin in the crockpot because the entire morning she just wanted to snuggle and be with her Mama. She wouldn't go to Michael for nothing. I let all our guests with little ones know that she was sick  just in case they didn't want to catch her germs (I dislike when people don't tell me their kid(s) is sick.)... I was trying to be proactive yet I didn't want to scare anyone from coming last minute.
Anyways, the party went on. Remington didn't have much interest in playing with the other kids long enough for me to eat let alone visit with anyone. We didn't waste any time and I set all the food/desserts out at 12:30 and let everyone dig in. My kitchen is terribly small (plus terribly ugly) and with 40+ people moving through there, it was quite the squeeze! We sang Happy Birthday and let Remington have her cake. Speaking of cake, I wasn't happy at all with how it turned out. Unlike her cake smash photos which was a beautiful cake and exactly what I wanted (made by someone else). This cake had yellow on it (wth??) and the frosting was supposed to be ombre pink as well as rosette styled. I know it wasn't the end of the world, however I was pretty disappointed considering I had to pay for it and it wasn't what I wanted.
After Remington barely made a mess of the cake, we hurried and attempted to open presents before she got completely miserable and took a nap. Shortly after the gifts the majority of our guests left. I felt bad that I didn't get to visit with many people because I was caught up with Remington. Michael, on the other hand, was giving tours of our new camper and chit chatting the day away. At least one of us was able to!
All in all, I had a lot of fun planning and hosting Remington's birthday party! Although, I wish she would have felt better so she could have enjoyed it more! We are beyond grateful for all of the wonderful friends and family we have that celebrated with us! We only invited a handful of our very close friends (which was hard to do!) My best friend, Natalie, who lives 4 hours away surprised me by showing up so that really made my day! I realize that Remington will never remember this celebration so I tried not to go too overboard and stuck with as much DIY as I could. At least we will always have these photos to look back on! ♥

^ Notice the not so pretty cake... and I forgot the 12 month photo ^



^ This is what Remi really thought of her party.. lol! ^
Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! ♥♥♥
36" Balloons (similar)
DIY Mason Jars (I added a step for the gold glitter just by using modge podge)
DIY Tissue Paper Garland (not exact tutorial, tweaked it using trial and error)
DIY Gold Glitter "1" candle using modge podge + glitter
DIY paper mache "1" and chipboard "ONE"
Cookies (delicious and oh, so pretty!)


  1. What a cute party!! Love all the decorations - you are a DIY queen lady! xx

  2. Aww. Poor girl! The party details look fabulous though, lady! Nice work! All of your DIY details are amazing!!

  3. aww poor baby :( sorry she was sick, but the decorations and everything look fabulous!

  4. This entire party looks so fabulous! Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl :)

  5. You did such a good job! I think everything turned out so great! It stinks she didn't feel good but your DIY skills are on point! Great job, Mama!