Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekending: Finally Catching Up

This little space is way overdue for a weekend recap with Biana!
We are finally getting caught up around these parts. Well kind of. I can mostly say that because we found out at the end of this past week that the buyers for our house will need another week or so. Which means we can finally take a little breather and this week/weekend we didn't have to bust ass so much. We actually had a full day on Sunday where it was just us 3 (or should I say 6 including the dogs and baby belly)!
Our weekend wasn't too much to write home about, but nonetheless, it was better than the craziness our lives have been lately! I feel like I'm finally catching up rather than barely treading water! Thank goodness!
Friday night with hammy Sammy looked like this post bath time as we waited for Dada to get home. She's been having a dry scalp lately, so I was trying to brush some coconut oil into her hair. She wasn't happy about it. ♥
Saturday morning Remi and I headed to a Mom to Mom sale bright and early. By "bright and early" I mean leaving the house by 8:30. That's huge for us! Ha! I've been on the lookout for a double jogger and a pack n play for my Dad's house. The sale was quite small and packed into a small area. I normally enjoy M2M sales but with it being so hard to look, I didn't have any interest in sticking around. I did find a couple cheap summer items so I snagged those and we headed right back home.  
We had company for the day to help with moving. My Dad has enjoyed coming over every weekend because he likes to see Remi. We've enjoyed seeing him too! We have really accomplished a lot in such a short time frame and I think it's safe to say we have an empty house and we're ready to wrap this moving thing up!
Since we've caught up, I was able to finish these two sewing projects during naptime for a baby shower gift. A DIY carseat canopy and a carseat insert/blanket. I really loved these items for Remington so I like giving useful gifts to others that I think they will love as well. Now to monogram the canopy or not....
Once all of our company left on Saturday evening, we headed out to the camper to do some cleaning, unpacking, and organizing to better prepare for moving into it soon. Over the last few weeks we've just been tossing things in there we will want and not putting them away, so it was quite the disaster. Miss Sassy pants really enjoys looking out the windows, so she crawled right over Michael's head and onto the back of the chair. Like an animal. Literally.
Sunday was a little more of a relaxing day. I threw a roast in the crockpot first thing in the morning so I didn't have to worry about cooking. We didn't have company over to assist with moving all weekend (that was a first in almost 5 weeks). We did some more organizing in the camper, took  a load of stuff to the storage unit, Remington loved being outside and collected rocks per usual, I worked on another sewing project during naptime, and that's about it! 

Oh yes, I failed to mention the lack of sleep we got all weekend because our poor girl was so miserable with teething. If you look closely you can see that big 'ol molar that's come in. Geesh. Poor girl! I think she has another one coming in on the left side too.
Lastly, I finally took a baby bump update pic! I've been majorly slacking with my belly pics this time around! I was 25 weeks as of Friday. Baby is becoming a little more active, yet still not as active as Remi was. I've been having some slight acid reflux discomfort and still some slight pain in my lower abdomen which is probably from too much bending/lifting/packing. Other than that (as well as being extra emotional), I've got no complaints and I've been feeling pretty good!
Side note: The weather is not as nice as this picture perceives! It was windy and 40 degrees and I was cold! Southern friends, send some warmth! Please!



  1. Hahahahaha thanks for the weather update I was thinking it that last one Spring must be coming and then......not. I'm so behind on blog reading, glad to know you found a house!!! I definitely need details :)

  2. Such a great weekend!! I love that photo of Remington enjoying her food and post bath - she's a cutie!! I have a crock pot going for dinner tonight and it's the best feeling knowing that we dont have to make dinner tonight! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Glad you had a weekend to breathe!! Sorry little miss is teething! I can't believe how many teeth she has. Logan is just now getting his third tooth. Love that carseat canopy! So cute! Hope you guys have a great week!

  4. aw poor remi and her teeth! love her hair do though haha. hope you get some warmth soon!

  5. Bummer to mom 2 mom sale wasn't as good as you expected!!

  6. Sending warm thoughts your way! That molar looks like a doozy, not looking forward to that. I'm so glad things are slowing down for you though, just a bit longer and you'll be out of there!

  7. HAHAHA that first picture is too funny! Adorable :)
    Glad you got some extra time for the move so you don't have to stress so much!! xx

  8. You have been one busy lady, I am glad that you have a few days to relax! That adorable baby bump is precious, you look amazing! Xo, Stephanie