Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Full Time RV Living + Lately

Life has certainly been a little busy tying up some loose ends with moving, yet at the same time, not very exciting. So here's some random things that's been happening in our neck of the woods...

+ I've decided to jump on the Snapchat train! I know nothing about it, so any help is appreciated! Ha! Add me: justjuliejoy 

+ We've officially started a new chapter! We are full time living in our RV since Sunday, however the closing on our house has been pushed back yet again and we are starting to get nervous. But, on the BRIGHT side, we are all together living full time as a family for the first time EVER

Fun Fact: Since Michael have been dating/engaged/married we have never physically lived together more than 2-3 days week due to work travel. Ought to be interesting, right?! 

+ We have yet to find a house that we would like to invest in... praying we find something before baby #2 arrives!

+ Remi is getting 2 more molars and has been quite miserable most days. As well as not sleeping well. We've had some nights where we were up for 3 straight hours of screaming. Nothing like making Mama feel completely helpless! To top the crabbiness off, she was due for her 12 month shots that I forgot about! Poor girl.

+ We are continuing to have some difficulty with one of our dogs (Sandy) behavior towards Remi. Thankfully, at least Jack has been doing much better with her and they enjoy playing together which is great and cute. But I'm at a complete loss for what to do with the other one... Especially with living in a small space, she can't be trusted around the baby so I'm constantly on edge and/or yelling at her. 

+ I am 28w5d with baby #2 - time is FLYING! We are now in the third trimester (what?!) and appointments are now bi-weekly! At this week's appointment we discussed my doctors concerns regarding a VBAC vs. scheduled cesarean. After experiencing the long labor + emergency c-section for Remi, I'm honestly a bit nervous and scared either way (I could write a whole post on this topic). I am trying to be open minded and definitely putting my trust in the Dr. for making the best decision for me and the baby. Regardless, I can't believe in 11 weeks we will get to meet our newest bundle of Joy and find out if it's a boy or girl!!! So exciting!!

+ In addition to the excitement for Baby #2 to arrive, I have many additional emotions. Being a Mom to  ONE baby is hard. And soon I'll have TWO?! Insert 3724892374 thoughts and emotions. How am I going to survive?! Honest to goodness, some days have been a complete struggle. Being a Mom is a constant learning experience and I am definitely "owning it" by acknowledging and accepting the tough times, learning from them, and finding joy through it all (or at least trying!).

 A friend shared this article and it's a worthy read. Even if your not a Mom, it's a good read to help support the Mama's in your life. "Motherhood is not a journey meant to be solo, but should be a beautiful connection of women who desire to embrace, love, and support each other."

Lastly, with the weather slowly starting to give us a taste of summer, I'm dreaming of dresses and all the summer wear! Such as this maxi dress + free shipping!

Rem hanging out in her room the first night in our temporary home!

These two are obsessed with rocks & sticks!

Monday feels - Baby bump + afternoon nap time battle 

A peek at our humble abode

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday Linkup (for the first time ever, yay!) with Jessi!

Happy Wednesday! Looking forward to the warm weather in the upcoming forecast this week/weekend! 


  1. Your living space in your RV is so nice - very pretty girl!! I'm sorry to hear one of the dogs has still not adjusted to Remi...hopefully he comes around soon! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. YAY for living together full time as a family! Your RV is really nice! I don't think I'd mind living in there for awhile but I hope you guys find a home you like soon! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Luckily your RV is beautiful!! Love that pic of Remi sleeping on the floor, basically like she just fell over & went immediately to sleep! So cute!

  4. Whew RV living - get it girl! At least ya'lls is super nice haha the 2-3 days of being together though, that's too funny! I can't believe I still have to wait until baby Joy is born to find out gender and get a monogram going..gah! (hahaha) Hope Miss Remi feels better soon and gets some rest! Love ya'll!

  5. Umm I have never seen an RV that nice! My in laws have an airstream and it's so cute, they love to take it places and travel together. So fun!

  6. Well I'm so glad you are finally together, but I hope you don't kill each other in that little space! But seriously, it's actually so nice!!

  7. I know you are so excited to be living together full time. Praying the perfect house will come along soon! You are gonna be an awesome mama to both babies!

  8. Jack and Remi are too cute!! BFFs :)
    Sorry to hear about Sandy - my best friend is having the same issue with her female dog and her 1 year old...not sure what to do about it, but I'll let you know if she figures anything out that helps! Is Sandy the older / dominant dog out of the two of them?
    Can't believe you are in your third trimester already!! Eeek!! :) xx

  9. That's so hard that your dog doesn't act well around Remi. I'm sorry! I'm glad you are all able to live together! I bet that's an adjustment.

  10. When you say "RV" it definitely doesn't conjure up images of that beautiful place you're living in! You need to find a new word to describe it.

  11. Yay for the third trimester!! Do you have any feelings if it's a boy or girl?! I'm guessing boy :)

  12. oh my goodness time really is flying!! i'm sorry about the dog and that it hasn't improved with both of them :( your rv's kitchen is nicer than the kitchen in my house lol. i hope you find a house soon!

  13. So excited that you are going to be full-time RVing from here out. Once the house closes, the reality is really going to set in that the family is all together. The idea of tooling around in the RV has to be so thrilling for you guys. Many years of safe travel are ahead for your family as you start a new chapter.