Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

I wish every weekend was 3 days long! One whole extra day and it still flew by! Having Michael around for that one extra day was really awesome. We finally got to spend some good quality time together as a family. Even though we really didn't do too much exciting and I definitely didn't get to catch up on my to do list, sleep, or put my feet up much (actually I was on my feet more and logged way more steps than I normally do in a day!) it was still a nice long weekend and we got a lot of vitamin D!

Friday Remi and I went on a little shopping adventure to search for some new summer shoes for her. As I mentioned on her summer wishlist, there were a few I had in mind. Of course I wasn't having any luck at the stores I went to. So I had to settle for these. Which isn't really what I wanted, but they seem to be working out okay. I'd like to buy more shoes for her, but hot damn, they are expensive! Just as expensive (if not more) than adult shoes!

Friday eventing consisted of nothing other than the normal nightly routine. Michael got out of work early  yet he still didn't make it back to the camper until 7pm. Remington fought sleep (the usual lately) and Michael and I didn't make it to bed until almost 11. That's late for me. Ha!

Saturday we got up bright and early (or at least tried) and headed to the Detroit Zoo! It was Remi's first trip to the zoo. We weren't sure how she would react, but she did great! It was very humid and hot so there were some animals we didn't get to see out in their cages, but when she did see something she would point and "oohh/ahh". Plus she almost always says woof woof to every animal. She stayed awake as long as she could and then she crashed. By that time we had been there for about 3 hours and we had seen almost everything, so we headed out. Which I was definitely ready for too. I was pretty tired and sore from all the walking. Michael could have probably rolled me out of there. I waddled instead. ;)

She took a decent nap on our way home and was ready for round two of playing outside once we got home. Brian brought us over their extra pool to use at Nana and Papa Furtah's so that was really nice! We thought maybe with all the interaction and time outside in the fresh air that she would be ready for bed at a decent time (for once)... but no that definitely was not the case. This Mama, on the other hand, was exhausted and ready for sleep!

Sunday we had a slightly late start to the day due to someone being up crying multiple times all night.   The rest of the day we had to catch up on some laundry, refill the water in the camper, and Michael wanted to wash the camper while we had it hooked up. All of these things can't be done where we are staying at, so it was a long day of running around. We did sneak in a walk by the river, weeded Nana's flower beds, played in the pool, cooked out on the grill, and got some delicious ice cream cones in between the rain storms!

Monday was finally our day to relax! We were going to head up to our house to cut the grass and check on things (because things have changed and we now still own it - ugh), but we decided it could wait and we would just stick around the camper. So that's what we did! And just like that, the weekend is over!

I was slightly bummed I didn't have a cute outfit for Remi and we didn't participate in any fun holiday festivities. But.. I'll be the first to admit I'm not prepared for anything these days! There's always next year, right?! Here's a little throwback to last year when tiny babe was only a couple months old. Heart  eyes galore!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 
God bless those who have sacrificed their lives 

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  1. What a fun weekend! Remi looks like she had a blast at the zoo!

  2. Girl, I have no idea how you made it walking around a zoo. But it sounds like y'all had a great weekend. By the way, what is going on with the house??? That's crazy!

  3. Isn't it so fun to experience the zoo with your little?! We love it! Although we go for about 90 minutes. I can't believe you guys lasted for 3 hours! That's crazy! Sounds like you had a great weekend though.

  4. Remi is so cute! Everything looks like it was fun -Hanna Lei

  5. Looks like Remi had a great time at the zoo as evidence by how she left haha!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Looks like a wonderful weekend with family!! It's so fun to take kids to the zoo - a whole new appreciation for the animals!! You are glowing by the way!!

  7. You are looking fabulous! Glad you all had a good time. We haven't take R to the zoo yet. I'm excited to!

  8. omg that picture from last year!! i can't believe it. time flies. Remi's cheeks after the zoo are too cute. love that she says woof woof to every animal. and you look absolutely fabulous!