Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Remington's Nursery + Emotions

I've mentioned a lot lately about how we are in the process of moving... with moving comes packing.... and with packing comes some emotions. To be expected right? Well, besides a few emotions of frustration, stress, and being overwhelmed, I hadn't been very emotional to the fact that we are leaving this house. Our first house. That is until I had to start packing up Remington's room. And then it hit me. This is where we brought our first baby home to. This was her first only nursery (that I never finished taking pictures of once it was complete). This is my favorite room in the entire house. 

So, here I am, over a year after this room became such a special part of our home, taking pictures and sharing some tidbits about Remi Roo's first nursery. This tiny room will forever have a special place in my heart and I want her to be able to look back on it some day, even if she'll never remember the times we shared here. 

Some pictures are from a year ago, and some are recent. I've definitely changed things around multiple times over the past year as far as things we use, don't use, new items, easier access, different organization, etc. 

Things I've learned for the nursery:

- A changing pad on a dresser works great and takes up less space than a changing table. TIP: Put some shelf liner underneath the changing pad to minimize sliding. TIP #2: Use waterproof changing pad liners to minimize accident cleanup!

- Splurge on a 4 in 1 convertible bed set. The conversion kit was only $100 which we used gift cards from our registry to purchase. Now we know she will forever have a nice bedroom set and we don't ever have to invest in another toddler bed. 

- The ottoman that came with the glider had an option slide out nursing stool which made it so nice to prop your feet up onto and not have to rock! Similar here

- A folding TV tray worked great for a side table in the room since the room was too small for a permanent side table. 

- Sizing dividers for clothes in the closet - Yes! 

- Velvet hangers for the win! I recently learned how much I loved velvet hangers for myself (no slip + space saving) so I definitely splurged with velvet hangers for the mini, but well worth it!

- Baskets/Bins/Organizer of any kind makes your life a lot easier! 

- Command hook/picture hangers are great for avoiding putting holes in the walls since you know the room will most likely change as the baby gets older. The mirror and deer mount is the only things we had to put nails in the wall for. The canvas', floating shelves, and hook behind her door are all hung with command strips! 

- White noise, vaporizer, diffuser, night light are must haves in my opinion! We started out with this white noise + light and wound up switching to THIS awesome humidifier + oils diffuser + 7 color night light. Love it!

- Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother or Fisher-Price Rainforest Soother helped us with sleep training and still entertains her when she wakes up and I don't go get her right away. TIP: Put a burp cloth between the soother and the crib to avoid scratching and rubbing on the crib. 

- A bedding set is really just a waste of money. They don't sleep with blankets for a while anyways so really all you need is crib sheets and bumpers if you prefer. A crib skirt is cute until you have to lower the crib and may not be seen anymore anyways (depending on your style crib). 

- Bumpers: Get them. Don't get them. Only get breathable ones. Never mind, get them. Geez, the "rules" on these things change so often. In my opinion, once the baby is old enough, get them. The breathable ones are pretty much useless because they don't provide any cushion and the baby is banging their head through them anyways. The downfall of a solid back crib is how do you attach a bumper to the back wall? I just gave up on the bumpers and Remington learned to go back to sleep after she beat herself up rolling around. Mean Mom, I know. 

The big white stuffed animal was mine when I was a baby 

Non slip shelf liner for the win!

Easy access for some of the books

Canvas on left: Jasmine stayed up until the wee hours of the morning the night that I had Remington so that she could make this canvas and bring it to the hospital the next day. So sweet. 

Canvas on right: Thumb print guest book from one of our baby showers

The inside of the closet has changed so many times! I originally wanted to put up more shelves for books and another rod to hang clothes, but that never happened. I had three baskets on the shelf in the  middle and then took one down for putting books in on the floor for easy access for Remington. The baskets on the very top shelf worked great for less needed items, old items/clothes to be packed away, or bigger sized clothes I would need soon. 

Since Michael wouldn't allow a girly pink room, I did my best to incorporate some pink touches by painting one wall and the inside of the closet pink, as well as the accents on the gallery wall and the door knobs on the closet. 

I think that sums up this tiny little room that has brought so much Joy to our home!

Items or similar items can be found here:

Valspar Oyster Shoal & Pink Cocoa paint
Glider & Ottoman Set with slide out nursing stool (similar)
Mirror: Hobby Lobby Clearance & Repainted with Pink Cocoa
Deer Mount: Michael's craft store - paper mache section
"R", pink glasses, sign, & miniature roses: Hobby Lobby
Picture frame & Piggy Bank: Unknown - gifts
Bedding (discontinued): Target
Mobile: DIY
Closet dividers: Etsy
Canvas': DIY by Jasmine & Baby Shower Guestbook


  1. I love her nursery! You did a good job mama!

  2. Aww I can see why you're emotional packing up her nursery - you did such a great job with it! I like velvet hangers too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I completely understand the emotions! I definitely cried about leaving the house we brought our baby home to last fall, even though I was more than ready to move. Her nursery looks great! Definitely agree about the non-slip stuff under the changing pad and we don't use bumpers anymore either!

  4. Oh my goodness! So cute!! You did a great job with her nursery. I totally get why you'd get emotional packing it up, so many memories and firsts!

  5. Awww I love everything about this! I bet its tough but dang you nailed it with all the DIY's! Love ya'll!

  6. Can I live in this room please? Also that chip mobile is so beautiful!

  7. I love her nursery!! Moving is already bittersweet, but leaving behind this adorable room would be so hard. And thank you for all of the tips, those are definitely coming in handy for me right now as I finish up ours :)

  8. So cute and I love the accent wall! We've lived in a lot of different places and I always go around taking pictures of every room (even the bathrooms!) to remember what everything looked like later on.

    We have a convertible crib but we've never used it as anything but a crib (6 kids, so someone always needs it). Actually, we tried to take off the side and use it for a toddler bed for our first child, but she flipped out because her crib was "broken" and never liked it.

  9. This is great advice! Putting the changing table on top of the dresser saved me so much money AND space!

  10. um, the shelf liner underneath the changing pad is pure brilliance. i always wondered how it didn't move around! remind me when i have a kid, okay?