Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bump Watch ♥ 30/31 Weeks

How far long:  Picture taken 30w1d - Currently 30w6d

Gender: We've made it this far without knowing, so I think it's safe to say we aren't going to! Since we found out with the first baby, I thought it would be different to not find out this time around. Michael didn't think I could do it... so we placed a bet... but he forgot about it so he claims I can't win the bet that he doesn't know about. Minor detail.... we may have an envelope from an ultrasound appointment that we got "just in case" we decided we wanted to know! The envelope has be folded up and tucked away and honestly, we've had no temptations! But we've laughed about it!

Weight Gain: 25ish lbs. I was slightly impressed at last months appointment that I only gained 2lbs and then this months appointment I only gained 1lb. It certainly feels like I've gained WAY more than that and my clothes agree...

Baby Size: Zucchini - 16" and 3lbs approximately!

Fun Fact: Baby is strong enough to grasp a finger!

Maternity Clothes: This topic is frustrating me lately. I was doing/feeling so good about being able to fit into my normal clothes until about week 25. Before we moved into the camper I packed up most of my clothes and kept out some of my "bigger" and longer shirts/tanks that I figured I'd be able to wear no problem. Well... that hasn't really been the case. Sure, I have tons of dresses and maxi skirts however chasing a toddler around in a dress isn't really ideal on a daily basis. So needless to say, I've had a meltdown or three about it. Then, I got a babysitter to go shopping yesterday and I had zero luck. Then, I went online searching and had zero luck. So you'll be seeing me in the same few outfits for now. Ugh!

Sleep: Can't really complain. According to my sleep tracking, I really shouldn't complain because I'm getting anywhere from 7-9 restful hours. I do toss and turn a lot and definitely have a hard time getting comfortable due to the pains in my lower stomach area. A pillow between my legs helps. I didn't pack my pregnancy pillow in the camper and sometimes I regret it.

Movement: Little guy/girl is making up for all the lost time of minimal movements because now he/she is go getter! I'm feeling a lot more movement reallllly low this time. When I'm sitting down the movements are up closer to my belly button area or off to the side. When I lay down to go to bed at night is when he/she is the most active!

Stretch Marks: Not yet! Being sure to moisturize multiple times a day. I've noticed with it being warm out that my belly gets itchy and hot so I try to take a minute to put some more moisturizer on to avoid me itching it.

Cravings: My appetite is not the best and I confess, I'm not eating like I should be for two. I don't really crave anything. A few times I've craved cake or ice cream. But that's kind of normal for me :)

Belly Button: Umm.. considering this ugly thing has been sticking out since week 12, I'm not really sure how much further it can possibly go?!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: No.

Symptoms: My Dr said my iron is extremely low so I'm on some iron pills. I've been having some sharp pains and sore muscles in my lower stomach/cervix area. Which began when I started packing to move and it seems to only get worse as the weeks pass by. This baby is really low so I'm not sure if that's why I feel it more? Definitely short of breath easily and exhausted by the end of the day. Oh, and the cellulite and spider veins on my legs isn't my favorite. ;-(

What I miss: Sleeping on my back/belly. Being able to carry Remington in the ergo. A nice ice cold summer cocktail (wine, Redd's apple ale, sangria, mojito... you catch the drift)

Emotions: I've got a whole lot of emotions going on. I confess, and I'm not looking for a pity party, I'm just being honest - to say I'm riding the struggle bus on a daily basis is no exaggeration. Most of it doesn't even have to do with the baby necessarily. However, I am starting to have some slight anxiety that I'm not prepared what so ever for this baby. The biggest problem being that we are currently living in a camper. The second biggest problem being that Remington is really giving me a hard time lately and I'm starting to fear what life will be like once the baby arrives. Other emotions I always think about include L&D, packing a hospital bag (where is all that stuff? Storage unit? I hope), life after baby arrives, moving, leaving Remington overnight for the first time, the dogs, etc. I also feel guilty that I don't take pictures or write memories or heck barely acknowledge this pregnancy. I'm so consumed and busy with life that being pregnant isn't even on my mind most of the time and I don't want our second child to look back and think I cared less about him/her.

Dreams: I had a dream I had another girl and had her and Remington is matching adorable summer dresses

Hubby's thoughts: Michael doesn't say too much... or acknowledge my belly... or feel the baby move... or really talk anything about the baby. Some days I wonder if he's forgotten I'm almost 8 months pregnant.... I'll leave it at that.

Nursery: Zero thoughts or comments about this. Which officially stresses me out. :(

Favorite Moment(s): Hearing the heart beat (137bpm) at the doctor! When Remi lays on my belly (even though she really has no clue her sibling is in there) it's really sweet. 

What I am looking forward to: Moving and creating a nursery for the little one!

Comparison of Baby #1: Similar yet different...  I gained more weight in my back/butt/thighs with Remi and my belly was more round. This time around I feel like my belly is more oval and I'm carrying much lower. The Dr said that it's normal to carry lower for your 2nd pregnancy. 

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  1. Oh mama, things will work out! They always do. And you are the cutest pregnant lady!

  2. I agree with Erin, don't worry about something that hasn't happened!! You look amazing!!

  3. I can imagine it's stressful to be living in a camper at this stage! Your baby will know you loved him/her even if you didn't take as many pictures. Don't worry! I would be anxious about labor too. Ouch!

  4. You look amazing! All bump! And I'm sure things are extremely stressful right now but try not to worry too much, you'll do great! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Girl, I don't know how you do it all! First, you look amazing! I don't know where you are hiding that 25 lbs! I'm gaining like 3 lbs every two weeks! Ha! I'm really hoping everything works out with the house very soon and y'all can get settled before the baby makes their grand entrance. By the way, I'm guessing a boy!

  6. juuuust mail that envelope to me! hahaha Ah you look so cute I just love it! I'm seriously so excited for ya'll! Hang in there! xoxo ps - Miss USA this sunday!!! Text date? :)

  7. i don't want to find out the sex if/when we have a kid, but i don't think i could resist temptation if it was sitting there in an envelope.

    girl i am so sorry about your emotions and struggle bus. i know it's easier said than done (especially by someone who, you know, doesn't have a kid) but don't worry about it. don't stress about it. you're a great mom and things will work out, k? k.

  8. You look SO adorable! I'm sorry you're not in luck with maternity clothes. It may be lame but I think that's a totally great reason to wear the same things over and over.