Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bump Watch ♥ 33 & 34 Weeks

It's been a while since I did a pregnancy update... and since we're getting down to the last few weeks, I thought I should document an update for this neglected second child. ;) Don't mind my terrible picture this week thanks to a non cooperating husband therefore leading to a self timer + the bright sunshine. Better than nothing, right?!

Also, I'd like to thank all my sweet blogging friends for your kind words throughout my last couple posts regarding all my emotions and how crazy how life currently is. It's so uplifting to hear! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Especially for continuing to follow along despite my lack of posts and excitement around these parts! 

How far long:  33w6d

Gender: I never thought I'd be the type of person to go without knowing the gender... but I have to admit, it's fun! It's the most common question people/strangers ask me about.

Since we found out with the first baby, I thought it would be different to not find out this time around. Not to mention, we have so many other things going on right now that occupy my mind and time from allowing me to even prepare for a specific gender if I wanted to.

Minor detail.... we may have an envelope from an ultrasound appointment that we got "just in case" we decided we wanted to know! The envelope has be folded up and tucked away and honestly, we've had no temptations! But we've laughed about it!

Weight Gain: 30lbs. Barf. 5lbs in the last 2 weeks... I blame my husbands addiction to ice cream that he makes me get 4 times a week. Ha!

Baby Size:  Celery - 17-18" and 4-5lbs.

Fun Fact: Baby keeps eyes open while he/she is awake

Maternity Clothes: For the most part, all maternity. Except a few shorts and my favorite Maurices tanks that I have in every color. Target has some cute tees I picked up in a couple colors as well. I pretty much wear comfy shorts like these or these or a dress, maxi skirt, leggings, and t shirts. I've learned that with the summer heat, I absolutely cannot stand wearing anything full panel or thick material. My belly gets way too hot and itchy!

Sleep: Some nights are better than others. I definitely still cannot bring myself to get up before Remington does in the morning, therefore my time to myself is very limited nonexistent during the day. Mostly depending on if Remington wakes up crying, how many times I have to get up to pee, and if I toss and turn. Any sort of movement from one side to the other seems to be when I get sharp pains in my lower belly/back. An extra pillow along my back or between my legs is a must. Oh, and waking up in the middle of the night with an itchy belly sometimes so I get up and put more lotion on.

Movement: Yes! This little guy/gal is a violent one! When I sit down, it must limit his/her space because the kicks become very strong and sometimes painful. Jasmine was feeling him/her move for a while over the weekend. It seems like anytime anyone goes to feel movement or I try to take a video, the movement stops.

Stretch Marks: Not yet!

Cravings: My appetite is not the best and I know I'm not eating like I should be for two. I don't really crave anything. Heck, sometimes I'm not hungry at all and don't even want anything to eat. Living in the camper and having limited options doesn't help either. Maybe sweets more than usual? Or maybe that's a summer thing?!

Belly Button: Umm.. my belly button is the ugliest thing! Seriously... it's so inside out and stretched out! Remi finds it to be pretty funny and likes to poke at it.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: No, although a few times at night I get a feeling in my throat like I could barf. No idea why, and thankfully it goes away!

Symptoms: My Dr said my iron is extremely low so I'm on some iron pills. Sharp pains and sore muscles in my lower stomach/cervix area. Very sore back and sharp pains on my right side. Especially when I stand up too fast. Acid reflux. Short of breath. Tired. Cellulite on legs and butt (TMI?).

What I miss: My summer clothes. Sleeping on my back/belly. Being able to carry Remington in the ergo. A nice ice cold summer cocktail (wine, Redd's apple ale, sangria, mojito... you catch the drift)

Emotions: Stressed, worried, anxious, etc. Pretty much the same emotions as I mentioned before or in my last post about our lives lately... Feeling completely unprepared is the biggest thing upsetting me at the moment.

Dreams: I had a dream I had a boy and the name we picked out didn't turn out to be what we named him.

Hubby's thoughts: I've got no idea what Michael's thoughts are. Maybe one of these days I'll ask him... ha. Other than me telling him what I'm feeling or what the Dr's say, he doesn't ask about the baby, feel him/her move, or really make any comments in general about the baby or my enormous belly.

Nursery: It makes me kind of sad that baby #2 doesn't have a nursery at the moment. We don't even have furniture for pete's sake! Ugh. I'm sure once he/she arrives my time to plan and create a nursery will be pretty limited as well... guess I'll worry about it when the time comes.

Favorite Moment(s): We celebrated Michael's Birthday and my Dad and I's Birthdays. Michael had 4 days off work and we spent lots of time together. My mom picked me up some maternity clothes, which I wasn't expecting so I thought that was really thoughtful! 

What I am looking forward to: Moving back into our house and getting organized/prepared! Any reminders/suggestions for must have items for the baby or hospital bag is much appreciated! My brain is such a blur!

Comparison of Baby #1: Similar for the most part...  Except I did notice that I don't have the linea nigra this time. The pressure/pains I've been feeling already seem so early compared to with Remi. I gained more weight in my back/butt/thighs with Remi and my belly was more round. This time around I feel like my belly is more oval and I'm carrying much lower. The Dr said that it's normal to carry lower for your 2nd pregnancy. 

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  1. You look AMAZING!! I cannot believe you're already so far along!!

  2. It's crazy how similarly you are carrying #2! Can't wait to see if baby is a girl or boy!! xo, Biana

  3. Where has the time gone?! I can't believe Baby #2 will be here soon! Xo, Stephanie

  4. You look so cute! If it weren't for the bump, you'd never know you gained any weight (unlike me, where I feel like I'm getting "fluffy" everywhere else). I totally get the uncooperative husband (he groans every time I tell him it's "bumpie time" haha) and the cellulite! I didn't even know that came with pregnancy until these past few weeks-ugh! I thought it was just me!

  5. 30 lbs? I don't know where you are hiding it! You look great! I'm sure hoping that getting back in your house will give you some peace about being prepared. I just had a friend send me a great packing list for the hospital, if you want it!

  6. aww you look fabulous girl! i've gained 30lbs in the last couple years without a baby haha. and kc is always uncooperative with photos so i feel you. even though i ask, i love that you guys aren't finding out the sex. and goodness i have so much cellulite already haha can't wait to get pregnant ;)