Thursday, June 30, 2016

Remington Rose ♥ 15 Months

Well, I said I was done with monthly updates after the last one... but I changed my mind! Although I can say I definitely won't be doing these monthly, just more of brief periodic update so I can be sure to remember all the little things that my preggo Mama brain might forget! Some days are certainly long, but I know these precious moments will fly by. I'm thankful to be able to spend my days with our sweet baby girl and watch her grow! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

+ Her new obsession is baby dolls. She hugs them and wraps her arm around them so tight and carries them around. She also likes to poke their eyes, ears, and mouth. Haha!

+ She LOVES to be outside. Water, stroller rides, wagon rides, swing, park, sand box, beach, etc. 

+ She also loves smelling flowers. Any flowers she sees even if she's 5 feet away she points and snorts (aka sniffs). It's adorable. 

+ She has 11 teeth and 1 more on it's way in. (4 top front, 4 bottom front, 1 molar on each side/top/bottom)

+ She's an animal lover. She points and ooh's every time she sees one. She especially loves the horses next door at Nana & Papa Furtah's. She also of course loves dogs, including every dog she sees on the street.

+ Animal Noises: Woof woof, Mooooo, Ooo ahh ahh (monkey), A horse noise but I don't know how to write the sound she makes. 

+ Says: Above animal sounds, Yes (sounds more like yesssshhh), Ta-daaa, Hop Hop Hop, Dada, Mama (rarely anymore). I feel like she says more but I'm drawing a blank!

+ She waves Hi/Bye to almost everyone she sees. 

+ She's a master at blowing kisses. She only gives regular kisses to Mama & Dada. If I say aww, come give me kisses and I make a kiss noise she will run to me with her lips puckered. All the heart eyes. 

+ When she's excited about something/someone she sees she points and does this little "ooooh oohhh ohhhhh" expression. Which is pretty much 2453908 times a day. 

+ Her hair is getting so long! It's always in her eyes if she's not wearing a bow. It's definitely lightened up to a dirty blonde color. 

+ If I'm sitting on the floor with her, she will walk in front of me and then back her little butt up to sit on my lap. It's so cute. She especially likes to do that when she wants me to read her a book. 

+ She's still obsessed with Mickey. We typically watch 1-2 episodes in the morning and then 1 episode at night. Then she has a bottle and reads a book and I rock/hold her until she falls asleep. If she's not 100% sound asleep and I lay her down she wakes right back up. Which sometimes is frustrating, although I have to remind myself to soak up the cuddles while I can. 

+ Coloring with her mess free coloring book keeps her occupied for about 7 minutes. 

+ She loves to play with accessories - purses, necklaces, sunglasses, hats, etc. 

+ She gets running on the cement/rocks too fast sometimes and falls. She's skinned up both her knees pretty bad a few times now. Poor girl. 

+ We learned that the sun and certain sunscreen makes her eczema break out really bad. Since switching to Honest or Blue Lizard and moisturizing every night with coconut oil, we haven't had any issues!

+ Nicknames: Stinky stinky, Remi, Remi Roo, Tootsies, Toosters, Baby

+ Clothes: 18 months. Dresses and rompers are our current summer time favorite outfits. 

+ Diapers: Size 5 Honest Co. We also love the reusable Honest swim diaper or iPlay swim diapers.
+ Shoes: Size 5. At the start of summer we didn't have any good summer shoes, so we did some shopping and have been just doing trial and error to see what works best. Of course the super cute flip flops or stylish sandals of any sort are not an option to put on her feet without causing her to get mad. So, we've determined that our favorites are Natives or these Nike sandals. The natives work great for the beach/water as well as a simple pair of water shoes from Old Navy. 
+ Sleep Habits: Well, when we lived at home she was going to sleep around 7:30-8 and waking up at 7am. Perfect. Then we moved into the camper and that all went to hell. In the 7 weeks we've been in the camper, she's slept through the night in her own bed 3 times. She doesn't go to bed until 10pm. She fights naptime like no other. And sleeps until 8am or later. Since I'm exhausted myself, we've done a lot of co sleeping (judge away) and I confess, I haven't been getting up before she does because well... pregnancy. I'm really hoping that once we get back into the house and she's sleeping in her crib rather than a pack and play, we will get back on a better schedule. Praying hard for that to happen with the new baby coming soon!
+ Eating Habits: She will not eat if she can't use the fork/spoon herself. Even if it's a full size utinsel off of our plate. Officially drinking whole milk full time. The first couple months she would only drink it warmed up. We're now able to drink it cold. Except the last night time feeding before bedtime we heat it up. 
She's still a super picky eater. No matter how many times I give her meat and veggies, she will not eat them. But she will eat most fruit, bread, hard boiled eggs (sometimes), and pasta all day every day.

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  1. oh my goodness, time flies. sounds like a busy bee! and i obviously don't know what i would do in your exact situation, but theoretically i would do whatever the heck worked when it came to sleep haha especially if i was pregnant as well! whatever works!

  2. Keep posting because yes, you will forget! And when you have more than one, you'll forget who did and said what (although it seems inconceivable now.)