Sunday, July 31, 2016

Final Bump Watch ♥ 39 Weeks

Yep, you read that post title correctly... this is the final bump update for Baby Joy #2! Due to the size of the baby and based on the complications I faced when I had Remi, I will be having a scheduled c section slightly early. Now I'm not going to shout it to the world which day it is (because I'm weird like that)... so be sure to follow me on snap chat (justjuliejoy) and/or IG (justjuliejoy)! 

How far long:  39 Weeks 3 Days

Gender: We will know SO soon! Eeeek! I definitely am getting more anxious about knowing. Part of me thinks it's a girl, yet part of me thinks its a boy since this pregnancy has been so different. It's slightly annoying how many people think that we truly know and we are lying. Thanks for raining on our parade people.

Since we found out with the first baby, I thought it would be different to not find out this time around. Not to mention, we have so many other things going on right now that occupy my mind and time from allowing me to even prepare for a specific gender if I wanted to.

Minor detail.... we may have an envelope from an ultrasound appointment that we got "just in case" we decided we wanted to know! The envelope has be folded up and tucked away and honestly, we've had no temptations! But we've laughed about it! It will be fun to have as a keepsake and a story with the baby book. 

Weight Gain: 39lbs. Seriously. Yikes. The weight is all pushing straight out on my belly button and I'm not quite sure how much more my belly button can stretch! :(

Baby Size: As big as a pumpkin.

Fun Fact: Baby is able to flex limbs! (Duh, it's kicking my insides all day and night! Ha)

Maternity Clothes: For the most part, all maternity. Thankfully, we haven't had to go anywhere or do anything so I pretty much wear comfy clothes every day. Michael's t shirts, a few maternity tanks/tees, these or these shorts. I've even worn a bikini (non maternity yikes) to take Remi swimming. Ha!

Sleep: Not so great. This past week I've been having contractions in the middle of the night like whoa. Not to mention waking up every 1.5-2 hours to pee, being uncomfortable, or having indigestion and feeling like my throat is on fire. Some days I just want to nap when Remington naps. But heck, I already sleep in until she wakes up so that's probably bad enough.

Movement: Yes! Tons of movement. Sometimes even painful! He/she sits/protrudes to the right just like Remington did too.

Stretch Marks: Nothing major that I can see, although I did notice some purple marks near my belly button. I thought maybe they were veins but I think they are actually stretch marks. That poor belly button of mine can't really stretch inside out much more!

Cravings: Artic Freeze from DQ. Oh my heavens. Fruit and ice cream. I blame the summer weather for my cravings!

Belly Button: Umm.. my poor belly button has stretched beyond it's reach. It's pretty hideous. Let's just hope it returns to normal.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: No

Symptoms: Consistent contractions day/night. Sore back. Light headed. Thirsty. Tired. Weak feeling, especially in my legs. My Dr said my iron is extremely low so I'm on some iron pills. Acid reflux. Short of breath. Tired. Cellulite on legs and butt (TMI?). Emotional. You know, same ol'.

What I miss: Chasing/playing with Remington easily. Being comfortable. Bending over.  My summer clothes. Sleeping on my back/belly. Being able to carry Remington in the ergo. A nice ice cold summer cocktail (wine, Redd's apple ale, sangria, mojito... you catch the drift)

Emotions: I'm not sure if I'm more emotional about leaving Remington for the first time or meeting our new bundle of Joy. I am also nervous about adjusting to having two babies. It's going to be a rough adjustment for Remington. And I know it's going to be a rough adjustment for me being alone a lot. I am excited to meet this little guy/gal though! I truly can't believe it's happening so soon! This pregnancy went by soooo fast!

Dreams: None that I can think of.

Hubby's thoughts: Nothing new here. I'm not kidding when I say he didn't act like he knew I was pregnant for the last 9 months. At least the last two weeks he decided to start thinking about names. (eye roll)

Nursery: Empty. Literally. We took out a tote of clothes from storage to get us by for a little bit. We also have the swing, rock n play, and car seat out. We ordered a dresser for now. Which isn't going to be here before the baby arrives. After he/she arrives I would like to choose some what of a color scheme for the room and even if we don't paint, I would at least like some curtains or something.

Favorite Moment(s): Getting caught up on my to do list before the baby arrives! I made 20 freezer meals (post to come on that!) and we got our maternity pictures back! I was surprised at how many favorites I had despite how bad I thought they were going to turn out! I also went to my Mom's salon for a pedicure this week. Which was heavenly! 

What I am looking forward to: Well... I guess I can officially say I'm as ready as I'm going to be so bring on that baby boy/girl!!!

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  1. Can't wait to "meet" little baby Joy!!! Praying for a speedy recovery when little one makes a debut...

  2. Yay, congratulations!! I'm beyond excited/happy for you, Julie! Cannot wait for that freezer meal post, too.

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you'll be meeting your little one soon! <3

  4. well i am behind on blog reading so i know your little man is here now! congrats!!!

  5. woo! so happy little guy is here :)