Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Lovin' + 4th of July + Goodbye RV Living

I can't believe it's already a week into July! We've definitely been busy enjoying the summer and I think it's safe to say that it's Remington's favorite season. That little girl has a nicer tan than a cabana boy!

Since my last update about our chaotic lives... we've moved to 3 different camping spots, stayed with my Mom for 3 days due to malfunctions on the camper, moved (partially) back into our house, have had zero showings on the house (womp womp), kind of rehomed the dogs, played outside a lot, my brother got married, prepared a little bit for baby #2's arrival, spent time with family, and celebrated the 4th of July (read: ate ALL the foods).

Here's some minor details about what we've been up to... 

+ 8 weeks of RV living has officially come to an end... for now. Although once I get settled back into the house, I will be making a few short trips to camp before the baby's arrival. I have to say, living in the camper wasn't as bad as it sounds. It was an adjustment, but overall it wasn't bad at all. I'd say the hardest part was cooking, conserving water, and dealing with the dogs. Oh, and that fact that Remi's sleep schedule went hay wire.

+ When I say partially moved back into the house, picture this: digging through the storage unit to prioritize what boxes to unpack, no furniture moved back in, a card table for a dining table, no couches... pretty much nothing but the bare necessities and a never ending list of things I keep determining I am missing. Ought to be interesting, right?!

+ My brother had a small wedding near his place in Washington and is planning a trip home later this year to celebrate with family! Yay! It was a pretty last minute thing, but we are so happy to have Tai become a part of our family!

+ I'm working on packing my hospital bag this week... I picked out a few boy items and a few girl items. Crazy to think we will soon meet this unknown gender baby! Maybe we'll start to think about names soon... whoops! Any hospital bag must haves I shouldn't forget?!

+ We've camped on Lake Huron twice in the last couple weeks. Living in Michigan and being surrounded by water is truly one of my favorite things. So beautiful!

+ Remington sure does love her Aunt Jasmine. She gets so excited when she sees her and loves to play with her. It's so sweet. Jasmine helps me out quite a bit when she's around!

+ The 4th of July weekend not only consisted of camping with a group of 4 campers, but we also enjoyed a trip to the truck and tractor pulls (Remi & Jazz's first time), the farmer's market, lots of playground time, a parade, and a BBQ.

We've certainly been busy enjoying summer to the best of our ability! I realize most of the things I've been writing about are boring and my readers (what's left of them!) probably don't care about any of this mumble jumble, but I know these crazy times will soon be distant memories and I like to use this space to document said craziness. To those who've stuck around reading and who've sent me messages or prayers of encouragement - I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. Love all the pics!! I only blog to document our lives too, I LOVE going back and reading about things I had forgotten!

  2. Great pictures!! That's so exciting you'll know the gender soon - I would be so bad at waiting :) lol

  3. 8 weeks of RV living sounds like fun but I'm sure you're glad to be in a home again! That's so exciting that you're gonna be finding out the gender soon!! <3

  4. Congrats to your brother!! And how exciting about the baby - I think it is so fun that you two decided to keep the gender a surprise :) I've never been to Lake Huron, but grew up near Lake Erie and drove past Lake Ontario recently on our way home from Vermont and I totally agree with you - the water is amazing. I wish we lived near it still! xx

  5. eh, a lot of what i write/share might be boring, but i like to look back on it, and that's what matters. i'm glad RV living wasn't as bad as you thought. congrats to your brother and i can't believe your new baby will be here soon! i can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl and what you name it :)

  6. Good luck with everything and don't stress about the hospital bag packing. All you need when you go to the hospital is your uterus and possibly a camera. Your husband can go back for anything else you want later.

  7. Glad to hear that your 8 weeks was better than you imagined and you guys got to explore a ton!! Congrats to your brother! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. If I had an ounce of your patience! I get frustrated if the wind blows unexpectedly, let alone having to move back into the house I thought I sold. At least you'll have a little more room again! Do you have any ideas about what baby #2 will be?! This is so exciting-love the bump pics on IG and can't wait to find out!