Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fresh Homegrown Peaches

One thing I've REALLY missed this year has been our garden. Since we thought we had sold our house, we didn't plant one. But now, being back at the house and seeing that big empty space, it's really got me missing harvest season. Luckily, we still have been able to take advantage of the fruit trees though!

Last month Michael and R picked all of the peaches off the trees. This year is the least we have gotten in all the years that I can remember. Which is probably due to the lack of rain. But, we took advantage of what we had and enjoyed them! One of Michael's favorites is a peach pie. So I promised him as long as I had enough to make some baby food, I would make him a peach pie!

(This is my mother in law's recipe) If you'd prefer a crust topping you could do that as well!

Peach Filling
4C peaches
3/4C sugar
1TBSP lemon juice (optional)
2TBSP butter
2TBSP flour
1/4tsp nutmeg

Crumble Topping
1C oats
1/2C softened butter
3/4C flour
2/3C brown sugar
1TBSP sugar
1/2tsp cinnamon

With the other portion of peaches I had left, I was able to make a batch of baby food! You can see how I made baby food by reading this post here. My favorite thing about using fruits of our labor is that it's truly organic and it's FREE!

What are your favorite recipes for fresh peaches?! 


  1. This looks so delicious! I just made a yummy apple pie this weekend! It was my first time making a pie, I'll have to try making one with peaches next :)

    I just started following you on bloglovin and I love your blog! I would love a follow back<3

    xo Nicole

  2. oh yum! i love peaches. i wish i had a peach tree. i have never had peach pie, pinning this! not that i can make a pie, LOL.