Thursday, October 6, 2016

Babies don't keep - 18 Months & 2 Months

As you may have already seen on social media earlier this week, I mentioned how I suddenly have a 1 1/2 year old and a 2 month old! You guys, if they are aging this quickly, that means that I am too! 
I feel like life after high school is the breaking point where life gradually beings flying by. It goes by faster and faster the older you get. I remember being in school and the days drug on. The school year seemed never ending. All I wanted was to grow up. Well here I am now, a Mama to two babies and all I want is to freeze time. Funny how that works, isn't it!?
Having children is by far (IMO) life's biggest juxtaposition.... the days are sooooo long and exhausting. Yet, in the same sense, the days absolutely fly by. So contrary, isn't it?! 
I don't intend to do regular monthly updates on the babes so here are just a few random things I don't want my Mama brain to forget.... well with ML on the other hand maybe it would be better if I forgot... ha!
♥ About a month ago at the Dr. she weighed 28lbs and was 27" long (if I remember correctly)
♥ She's wearing18 months clothes and a size 5-6 shoe
♥ 12 teeth
♥ SleepIt's been a few months since we had to re sleep train her and she's been doing great ever since! (knock on wood) On bath nights, we start bedtime routine around 7:15. On non bath nights we start around 7:30-45. She gets 6oz of milk in her sippy cup and gets to watch an episode or two of Mickey. Then we put on a night time diaper, read a book (okay one more... ;)) give her lots of kisses and "I love yous" and lay her down in her bed. She sleeps with white noise and we turn the crib soother on. We also have a humidifier/vaporizer in her room that we add essential oils to sometimes and run at night. For nap time, we just read and lay her down by 12:30 every day. If we're out and about it really throws her off so I'm that crazy Mom that revolves everything we do around her naptime. Honestly, it's worth it. She's a much happier kid if we stick to her routine. 
♥ EatingPickiest eater ever! Her routine favorites include noodles, bread, cheese, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, apples with peanut butter, rice cakes, animal crackers, gold fish, raisins, applesauce and fruit. Home girl doesn't like veggies, potatoes, or meat. 
♥ Most common words: Yes, please, woof woof, this, uh oh, ta-da
♥ Waves bye and blows kisses to everrrrryone (cutest thing ever)
♥ Grabs your hand/finger and pulls you to where she wants you to go with her (also cutest thing ever)
♥ Backs her little butt up to sit on your lap, especially to read a book
♥ Loves to buckle everything - high chair, car seat, stroller, bike, swing, etc. Cheapest entertainment for a good 10-20 minutes. 
♥ Is beginning to copy everything we do. Such as the other day she took the boppy pillow and set it on her lap just like I do to feed the baby. 
♥ Loves her baby dolls. The cutest thing is when she wraps it in a blanket and rock back and forth or pats it's back. 
♥ Favorite memory: I went to bed with ML and Michael stayed up to put R to bed. About 10 minutes later she came and found me in my room. Crawled up in bed with me, gave me a kiss, and laid down. Michael came in to get her and she waved at him and blew him kisses. We thought it was so cute and so funny because she was trying to tell him to leave her there. 
Then there's this little guy! Already 2 months old! Although I admit, I don't mind that he's already two months old. He's been a very challenging newborn and most days I wonder if I'm even going to survive. True story. 
♥ As of 3 weeks ago he weighed 12lbs 8oz. and 22.5" long

♥ Currently wearing 3 months clothes but it won't be for much longer! Chubby boy!

♥ Size 2 Honest Diapers

♥ Sleep: What's that?! Ha! Seriously... he's not a good sleeper. He's typically up every 1-2 hours and he will not sleep on his own due to his reflux he dislikes being on his back. Therefore, he's been sleeping on Mama's chest for 8 weeks straight now... 

♥ Nicknames: Chub Chub or Buddy

♥ Eating: Nurses nonstop every 1-2 hours. Refuses a bottle. Oh the joy's.... 

♥ Looks just like Mama as a baby! 

♥ Poor baby has reflux really bad. We're on the second medicine and no luck so far. I've also quit eating dairy and it hasn't helped him much. Hoping he gets better soon! 


  1. I'm sorry your little guy has had such a rough start. Hopefully he's sleeping better really soon. I can't believe how much hair he has! More than my R does!

  2. I totally know what you mean about time flying by - I don't know how that happens lol!! I honestly can't get over how much hair he has - so cute!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Poor guy and poor mama! I hope that gets better soon! His hair..I love it!

  4. Yes to the whole time thing. She's a thief! Mason and Baker are neck and neck for size! Praying his reflux calms down soon!

  5. oh poor Mason, and you. i hope that his rough start means he'll be a super easy baby/toddler as he gets older? haha.

  6. Time does fly, it just gets worse the older they get. Once they get into later elementary school and they have friends and after school activities, a year flies by at a scary rate! Every time I do things that are regular once-a-month or once-a-year things, I think, "Wait, didn't I just finish this?" So weird!