Monday, November 7, 2016


Hello friends! It's been a hot minute since I've caught up with what's been going on in our neck of the woods. Nothing too exciting and not a whole lot to talk about, so I'm going to use a few "currently" verbs to sum up some highlights.

L O V I N G | Our backyard is so beautiful in the fall. Even though I wish we didn't live here still, seeing all the fall colors kind of makes up for it. For now. Ha!

W O R K I N G O N | A post about breast feeding. I've been working on it for three weeks! I've been hesitant to finish it up because I know it doesn't relate to everyone... But I just feel like BF is so hard and Mama's need to know they aren't alone and to utilize support/info that is out there!

E X E R C I S I N G | Ha! No exercising going on here! Besides lugging two kids around all day! I really hope that I can get into a routine soon that will include some short but effective work outs so I can get rid of this baby belly! Yikes!

R E A D I N G | I haven't picked up a book since I was pregnant. Which is a major fail for one of my goals this year. But, I have been trying to catch up on reading some blog posts rather than surfing social media! Especially during all those nursing sessions when I'm fighting to stay awake and need something to keep me up!

V I S I T I N G | My best friend, Natalie, had her rainbow baby a month ago! We live 4 hours apart (booo) so I finally got the chance to take the trip to go visit! Baby O is the tiniest sweetest little girl! I'm beyond excited for Natalie. As you may remember, Natalie had lost her first baby due to still birth last year.

A P P R E C I A T I N G | My hubby. He has been working so hard for our family. Even though we miss him when he's busy working so much, we know he's only doing it for us. In October he worked 23 days straight. Then he took 5 days off, and he's been back on the grind every day since then. The next day off he will have is Thanksgiving.

E A T I N G | I know I keep mentioning it... but it's the first thing to come to mind! Avocado Fiesta Salsa. I've also been eating a lot of avocado toast topped with an egg. Yum!

O R G A N I Z I G | We've unpacked the RV from living it in since May as well as taken several things out of the storage unit in attempts to move back into the house. So. Much. Stuff. I've been working to organize, put some stuff away, and decide what stuff to pack back up and leave in boxes. It's amazing how much stuff we had in the camper!

S M E L L I N G | Poopy diapers and spit up! Ha! Actually, I've been diffusing thieves and lemon daily in efforts to keep the germs away!

L I S T E N I N G T O | There are so many great country music hits right now.  I especially love Carrie's new hit Dirty Laundry, FGL's May we all, and Chris Stapleton's Parachute.

C E L E B R A T I N G | Over the weekend the kids and I headed to my hometown to celebrate my Great Aunt Beulah's life. Thankfully, I was able to take the kids to meet her last month. (Don't mind the horrible picture of me! I was so tired that day!) She passed on October 31st at 96 years old. My Dad and Miriam have been living with her for the last 6 weeks of her life after she had a fall and her health began going downhill. The first night they stayed with her, she told my Dad she would pass in 38 days. Oddly enough, she passed on the 38th day as she predicted.

W I S H I N G | I'm wishing for a lot of things! Of course #1 being a buyer for our home! I'm also wishing for more sleep and some free time to complete a few sewing projects would be nice. Oh, and I wouldn't mind going hunting.

A C C E P T I N G | R has begun her terrible two temper tantrums... Full on screaming, hitting, and throwing herself on the floor... Lord help me! I'm accepting that I can't win all the battles. Such as the one that she fought to sleep with her life size teddy bear.

What are you currently up to?!


  1. oh congrats to your friend and her baby. that is amazing. i hope you sell your house as well but wow, that view is gorgeous! that sucks your hubby has been working so much. i would totally read the breastfeeding post, but you know i'm a weirdo that reads things that i don't relate to. haha. but seriously, those are the things people search for, rather than read as they come up, if that makes sense, so i vote share and i'm sure it will help someone. and girl i wouldn't be reading if i was as busy as you lol. whatever. i'm so sorry about your great aunt :( hugs girl.

  2. Your backyard view is STUNNING! I'm so sorry about your aunt!

  3. I seriously love your home, now just move it to VA! That last picture kills me! Haha

  4. Your backyard looks so amazing. I love winter leaves, but it seems like I never get to finish appreciating them before a big wind knocks them all down and suddenly it's winter.

  5. Your backyard is beautiful! But still praying you don't have to look at it much longer! And R sleeping with that teddy CRACKS me up! Somethings are definitely not worth the battle! So sorry to hear about your grandmother passing. It gave me chills that she predicted when she would pass away.