Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ten Random Things

I've been lacking in my blogging habits lately due to being busy, busy, busy on top of tired, tired, tired! The struggle of being a mom to two under two... phew! 

First of all, thanks for the sweet comments on my post about Breastfeeding. I'm relieved that some of you could relate, found the info to be useful, and in general just appreciated the post. That's exactly what I was hoping for and I feel relieved because I was so hesitant in sharing my thoughts/experiences. 

I feel like November went by in the blink of an eye. (As did this entire year). Here is a few random things on my mind and a few tidbits of what we've been up to.... 

One huge thing on my mind... CHRISTMAS CARDS! Since the hubs isn't home much, I told myself okay I'll just send cards with a picture of the kids. Then the month of November went by and I realized the kids don't even have Christmas outfits (besides PJ's) so I thought... oh, what's one year without sending a Christmas card? Who am I??!? And then the real me slapped me silly and now I'm scrambling to come up with something without breaking the bank! Would it be silly to take pictures of the kids in their PJ's?! I think PJ's are adorable on kids, but I'm not sure if it's super tacky for Christmas cards... Lord knows I am not spending the time or money to buy new outfits let alone pay a professional photographer.... Michael's already going to complain about the cost of stamps, envelopes, and the cards as it is. 

Speaking of Michael... that poor guy... all he's done is work, work, work. 7 days a week. 80+ hours a week. Since Labor Day, I can count on one hand how many days he's had off work. I could count on both hands the number of days that we've seen him. Literally the definition of a hard working man. Thankfully he had Thanksgiving and Black Friday off so he was able to come home for the first time in a month. Only 11 more days and he'll be home for layoff. We. Can't. Wait. 

Greg (Mom's fiance) and I planned a surprise 50th birthday celebration for my Mom. Which took place this past weekend, December 3rd. It was such a relief for the secret to be out and to have everything come together as planned! Even though I started to have doubts that we would even get her to the hall, she arrived and she was definitely surprised! More to come on that maybe soon... 

Would you believe me if I told you I haven't been out hunting this season yet?! I don't even know if it'll happen! Guns are still in storage. Never shot my bow. Michael only went out two days during bow season. You guys, this is so not like us! Not only is hunting relaxing, peaceful, fun, and our favorite hobby, but it also provides food for our family. We're hoping to get out in the woods later this month so we can get some meat in the freezer for next year. 

Speaking of the freezer... I'm running out of the freezer meals I prepared before ML was born. I made Lasagna soup the other day (Thanks Jessi!) and it was so delicious! It would be another perfect freezer meal! It can also be dairy free if that tickles your fancy! Recipe to come soon! 

ML is officially 4 months old! I honestly can't even say that time is flying by in relation to him because he has been a very tough baby and the days have drug on more than they have flown by. Every now and then I get more than an hour of sleep at a time, and for the first time, he has started sleeping on his own (for a short period of time) each night so I'm able to feel a little bit more rested than the previous months. Sleep makes the world go round! 
I'll also note, the past 4 months of postpartum have been an absolute roller coaster. (Hence part of the reason for my absence) I hate to admit it, but I've been battling with some PPD and anxiety. I'm not looking for pity, I'm just being real. Things are looking up though, thank God. 

We had a somewhat low key Thanksgiving. As I mentioned, Michael was home from work until Friday night. We went to dinner at his Aunt Linda's and then back home for naps and then back to Aunt Linda's for supper. So much delicious food! Aren't their little outfits adorable?! I bought R's last year at a M2M sale for $2! I lucked out with ML's shirt 'Gobble 'till you Wobble' being on sale at Kohls last minute!

I didn't go out shopping for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday, however I definitely hit up some sales online! I finished 90% of my Christmas gifts. One huge purchase that was not Christmas related... I purchased Mason's crib and mattress! The crib was marked down 30% and I had an additional coupon, and the mattress was marked down 50%! Even though he isn't sleeping in his own room yet, I just couldn't pass that deal up. Michael even approved! Ha! 

We've enjoyed a few walks outside since we had some warmer than normal days here in Michigan. I wish I had a double jogger stroller so I could get some more exercise in with the two kiddos. Maybe in the spring! 

Well, R is waking up from her nap so I guess I'll wrap things up! Thanks for stopping by! Have a good rest of the week! 

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