Monday, October 16, 2017

Blakes Apple Orchard

One of the many things I love to do in the fall is visit the apple orchard! Last year ML was only a couple months old and it was already pretty chilly outside, so I didn't take him. So this year was his first time! Although, we did go to another orchard a couple weeks ago as well, but it was a smaller scale place and we basically stayed long enough to get donuts and cider. 😆

Since this time of year seems to be chaos at the orchards on the weekends, my girlfriend and I decided we'd try to go during the week. We went on Friday late morning and despite a million school buses on field trips, it wasn't too bad! Both of our husbands work a lot so it was nice to be able to go with someone and try to wrangle all the kids as a team rather than solo! (Read: easier trips to the bathroom!) 😉 

The kids had a great time! Remington was screaming when it was time to leave but ML was completely over it all and ready for a nap. R's screaming proceeded on the entire ride home therefore neither kid took a nap and I quickly questioned by sanity of ever going in public with the kids again.😏  Oooooh the memories we're making... ha! 

Last year's visit vs this year 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Toddler Talk | Vol. 2

Our little girl is not so little anymore! A few days ago marked her "half birthday" milestone and she is officially two and a half! I've loved many stages of her development over that last 2 years, however the talking has probably got to be one of my favorites! She talks in somewhat complete sentences (non stop - literally never stops talking) and I just never want to forget these precious words! Especially with that squeeky little voice and toddler accent. It just melts my heart. 💕

The things she says (and how she says them) are a HUGE reminder to me that she is always listening and/or watching me. 😳 😅  Here are a few ramblings I've jotted down in the last month or two...

+ Dat's me, Remi Rooooo! - Referring to herself if you ask her what her name is or if she sees a picture of herself and/or a little girl she thinks is herself. Lol.

+ NO! Dat not yers! - Referring to anything her brother touches of hers.

+ Oh my DOSH! or Oh my DOODNESS! - Her version of "gosh" or "goodness" with a huge emphasis on those words.

+ A few weeks ago we went to the Friday night football game to see my sister. It was the first time we've ever stay out past bedtime and drove in the truck when it was dark out (whole other topic there but how weird am I?? Face palm.) When I started driving Remington was scared because it was so dark. She said - Oh no. It's dwarkMummy you hurry and sabe us before the bad big wolf tome and dit us?

+ Tome ear Sanny guuuurl. DIT OBER EAR! YOU DIT OBER EAR RIGHT NOW! - Referring to the dog when she is far away from us or when she wouldn't come in the house.

+ I doe teck the darden? \\ It's not beggar yet, I not pick it. - Referring to checking the garden in the back yard (when we lived at home)

+ MASON! Dats EEEEEEEE-NUFF! - One time ML was crying in the pickup and Remi was not having it. So this is what she told him as she put her arm out and pointed one finger at him. 😂

+ I needa big one wittle one tweet. - Referring to getting a big M&M and a small M&M after going on the potty. She mumbles all those words together so fast and it cracks me up every time.

+ I needa bite-a-min - Referring to her vitamins. Everytime she goes to bed she says this.

+ May-mee - Her version of "maybe"

+ Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so tute! - Huge emphasis on the "Aw" when she pretty much refers to anything "cute" ie: babies, animals.

+ Oh, dat wasn't so bad! - Referring to when we went through the car wash (after she cried the entire time)

+ Anytime I tell her I'm sorry (ie: no I'm sorry you can't go outside right now) she will say - Oooooh. I sorry too Mummy. 

+ Dat's my Sista Brudder! - Referring to her brother. I believe this started because we'd say "Are you Mason's big sister?!" or "Is Mason's your baby brother?!"

+ I NOT. TAKEA. NAP. RIGHT. NOOOOW! - She pauses between each word to show her seriousness? Ha! Ohhh the attitude when she doesn't want to do something. Such as take a nap most days.

+ Sometimes when ML is crying she will go give him a hug and say Aww it's otay baby Mason it's otay you not cry it's otay tome ear I give you hug"

+ Ss'mo - Her version of "some more".

+ Where dat tome from? What dat sound? - She's awfully observant.

+ Sof-ee - Her version of "soft". Ie: Aww, she so sof-ee.

+ Want to hode my tittie, her names Ko-ee. - Referring to her stuffed kitty, Chloe. Lol.

I feel like I could video record and/or jot down phrases or words she says all day everyday! I never want to forget these sweet memories or how loud she screams with excitement and squeals when something excites her. 💕

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Boo Bash Camping Trip

Last week we did an annual group camping trip at Algonac State Park for an early Halloween celebration - Boo Bash. This was our third year of attending. So crazy to think that Remington was 6 months old the first year we went, and Mason was only a month old last year.

We checked into the campground on Sunday the 17th (because you know.... RV living) and everyone else arrived Thursday/Friday. The first two days it poured rain. Which makes for being a little stir crazy inside the camper... The rest of the week was in the 90's and humid. Which makes for miserable camper living because it's like a dutch oven (AC can't keep up). There wasn't anything to do at the park to entertain the kids and every time we went outside we got eaten alive by mosquitos. Needless to say, it was a loooong week. Between the heat, the bugs, the heat, the no napping (due to the heat)... I was slightly happy to check out on Sunday!

We normally only stay for the weekend but since we were there all week, I'll do a short recap of the entire trip. 😉

During the week we kept busy beating the heat with playing outside, taking walks around the park, going to the beach across the road (sometimes twice a day), or visiting the park/splash pad when we all just needed a break from being at the camper. Honestly it's never that humid here in Michigan! Let alone in September! I wish we could have stayed inside and enjoyed some AC but that wasn't the case with the camper being a hot box! Definitely makes you stop to appreciate the little things.

Michael took Saturday off work to be there for the Halloween events. It was another HOT day and I felt so bad that the kids costumes were long sleeves! But seriously, the last 2-4 weeks have been very cool! So knowing Michigan weather, I just assumed it would be cold like it usually is this time of year. Boy, was I wrong! Since it was so hot, we didn't take the kids trick or treating for long. Plus, they don't really need all the candy anyways. I didn't get many pictures and I didn't even get one of the 4 of us because the kids were just miserable! So we wanted to keep them moving before they took the costumes off themselves! 

We made up for no picture on Saturday with a picture Sunday morning before we left! 

And just for fun.... last years picture!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

ML | 12 Months

Our little guy is nearing 14 months but in true second child fashion + busy tired Mama... I never posted his 12 month photos or a current update on his doings! Here is a little bit of what Mr. Mason has been doing since he turned ONE!

Stats: 24lbs 8oz | 30" (I just have to add... R is 29lbs and 34"... at the rate this guys is growing he's going to pass her up!)

Teeth: 8 (four on top, four on the bottom)

Says: Bubba, Dada, Ball, Woof, Mama, Mum, Giddy Up, This "dis", That "dat", Hello "row", Snack "nack", Buck, Hat, Hi, Cup, Book, Buh Bye, Yay, Wow, Yep, Chalk, Catch... I feel like he says a new word every day! 

Nicknames: Bubba, Chub Chub Boy, Bubba Chubba

Favorite things: Blankie, Car Coupe, Bike, Hats, Phones, Remote, Chalk (read: eating chalk), being chased, animals, Riding the horsey, watermelon, pretzels, following and/or doing everything big sister does!

Sleep: One afternoon nap around 12:30/1pm. For bedtime, he goes down around 8:30-9pm and wakes up for the day around 7. More often than not he sleeps until midnight and then is up every hour or less the rest of the night. It doesn't matter if I hold him, leave him in his bed, or bring him to my bed... I wish I knew why he was so miserable at night. 

Little things he does that I don't want to forget
+ Waves hi/bye with his whole arm
+ Blubbers his lips for the sound of a horse (R did the same thing at his age and she is the one that taught him this)
+ Points with one finger at things/people he wants and makes a sound such as "bop" or "sssss" (I can't explain in text). 
+ Must join sissy in the bathroom anytime she has to go potty (goodbye privacy for everyone) and then claps and says "Yay" when she's finished.
+ Says "wow" to anything he really likes (such as a buck mount on the wall or an airplane flying in the sky). 
+ Climbs everything. Everrrrrything. And promptly jumps off whatever it is he climbed. 
+ Turns his butt around and backs up into my lap. 
+ Brings me "Old MacDonald had a farm" 482374892374 times a day.
+ Face dives into my lap or his blankie 24920480284 times a day. 
+ Stands at his crib and screams if his blankie is in there and he can't pull it out. 
+ Hates wearing shoes. 
+ Always eats dirt, rocks, sand, and chalk. 
+ Clings to me or runs to me at any loud noises or if someone (especially strangers) tries to come near him. 
+ When I ask him "Do you have the poopies??!" He will say "Yep!" and run the other way. 
+ Tries to feed me all his food when he's done eating. 

Mason sure does pull on my heart strings. He is the cutest sweetest little thing and I could just gobble him up. Seriously, those cheeks! Whatever has made him such an anxious, emotional, and scared little boy just breaks my heart. I wish I knew why he felt the way he does or why he spends a large part of every day/night crying. This past year may have been a complete challenge, but I'm still so thankful for my baby boy. 

Catch up on Mason's first year journey here..

Monday, September 18, 2017

I'm still alive!!

Wow, it's been almost a month since I've visited this little space! I feel like I have been so busy (but really my days are just pure chaos with this RV living) and of course when life gets busy, the blog takes the back burner. Sorry friends!

So let's see... what have we been up to?! Looking back through photos on my phone is usually a good summary... however there really isn't that much! I guess we've just been busy being busy! And by busy I mostly mean tired! Ha!

These are in complete random order... 

The biggest and busiest part of the last month it all is that we are officially moved out of our house as of August 31st. The final two days took way longer than we thought it would. It was around 6:30pm before we were headed out the driveway for the last time. 

The final day and hours leading up to leaving were tough. R didn't understand why Daddy was taking her bed apart or why we were leaving Sandy girl at Grandma's or why the living room was empty. The last time Remington went into the house she said "Where dat stuff doe?" in reference to the empty house. At that point I knew I couldn't let her go into her empty room, so I turned her attention to going outside and we took one last walk through the garden. Fed the fish in the pond one last time. Stopped to smell the flowers one more time. Walked the lane out back behind the woods to check for blackberries one last time and then sat on the porch one more time. If only we could just keeping doing everything "one more time"... I never realized how attached one could be to a house! Oh, how I miss it so. 
This is the last picture I took at our house before we left. In the garden, smelling the sunflowers. 💕🌻

But! Moving on to RV living while we continue to pursue our options of housing! 

RV living started off with a long weekend at Lake Huron Campground for Labor Day. Michael had taken time off work for the move so we extended it for some much needed relaxing. It was a bit chilly/windy but it was still nice. We literally did nothing the entire weekend except entertain the kids. Which may not sound like much but we all know that's a job in itself! 

Did I mention I chopped my hair off!? My hair is STILL falling out since having ML. It's a nice refresher! Now if only all the short baby hairs along my hairline will grow back...

ML had his first fall. Face dive into the cement. I thought for sure his nose was broken. Thankfully after a follow up with the doctor, it wasn't. He did get quite a cut/scab on his nose which is still healing. I've been using some oils to help with the scarring. Of course it was harder on me than it seemed to be on him!  
This was the day after it happened. It probably looked the worst when it was fully scabbed over. Fingers crossed it doesn't scar too bad!

ML has had his first and second visit to the beach within the last month. He loves to eat and throw sand in the water. Such a boy! Since it's been pretty chilly here in Michigan already, the water is pretty cold.

We get pretty bored/stir crazy in the RV so I try to take them to the park a couple days a week. I try so hard to be a fun mom... but I'll be honest, I (still) struggle with getting them out and about. One day (who I am kidding - more like every day) last week I was already about to pull my hair out at 10am so I quickly tossed them in the pickup and we headed to the park/splash pad. Of course I didn't think the water part would be open, because Michigan weather, and I didn't pack the necessary items... hence the nakedness. But there was only two other moms/kids there and their kids were naked too. Clearly we were all on the same page. Most importantly, the kids had fun.

Other than those "major" happenings... we really haven't been up to much! I've been shopping online for some kids clothes, shoes, halloween costumes, and a few new things for the camper (hello Instant pot!) + still working on changing our address (soooo much work!) + searching for houses + taking naps (because ML still wakes up all night!). I thought I would have found my new "normal" by now... but I haven't. Someday. Someday. Now I need to go catch up on everyone else's happenings and blog posts! 

Here are a few other pictures worth sharing from the last few weeks. 

Watermelon we grew in our garden that we picked the day before we left. R was so excited to watch it "grow begger!"
Our last Sunday visit to Grandma's before we moved
We've already taken a visit back "home" and of course had to get some ice cream!

R making apple cider at the Octagon Barn

ML always climbing! 

Taking advantage of being closer to friends and getting in some girl time! 

First experience of Friday night Football! Watching Aunt Jasmine play in the band. R loved it!