Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Coffee Talk

Hello friends! If we were joining each other for coffee this morning, here are a few things I'd have on my mind to chat about! 

First, I better tell you that I don't drink coffee... so I'm probably drinking spark or water instead. ;)

I'm sure my babies would be the first things on my mind, as always... Mason slept ONCE for 6 hours. We're back to the every 1-2 hour wake up nonsense (when do I start sleeping training?!) like he's been doing since he was born... but that one long sleep period... let me tell ya how amazing it was! Can we do that again?! 

Let me also tell you about how that stinker not only started crawling at 5 months... but now he's pulling himself onto things. Big things. Like the couch and the end of our bed! Why is this happening so soon?! Lord help me. Then there is sassy smarty pants, Remi Roo. Who is learning new words by the hour and it blows my mind! The best thing was when I got her to say "I love you" one time. So precious. Most used words on a daily basis is... Mote (remote), Mous-he (Mickey Mouse), Ninny (Minnie Mouse), Nacks (snacks), Mo (More), No no no (usually to Mason), Bubbles, Night Night. 

Next month we are taking a 3 night trip up north snowmobiling. This will be the first time I've left ML and the second time I've left Remi. (The only other time I left her is when I was in the hospital having the baby). To say I'm nervous is an understatement. 

Okay, I could talk about my kids all day... moving on. Since we're going on 2 years of trying to sell our house and 8 out of 10 showings give feedback that the kitchen is too small... we have decided to take the plunge and expand the kitchen and do some updating. Michael and I had a little day date and we picked out colors, flooring, countertops, and got prices on everything down to the light switch/outlet covers. We are hoping to begin this project in a couple months! Stay tuned! For now, we took down a set of cupboards above the island to open things up a bit. 

New countertop choices on top of the old countertop that will be removed.

Michael and I have both had several doctor appointments lately to get some health concerns addressed. Spoiler alert... I was in the ER at one point. Thankfully, we are in better shape that each of our symptoms had appeared. I guess we just wanted to get a jump start on those insurance deductibles for the year... 

Breastfeeding. I'm just not a fan. We're still trucking along but I am pumping and bottle feeding 3-4 times a day and then nursing at night/morning. I'm not a fan of being so constricted to nursing or to pumping, but we're making it work for the time being. I'm happy we've made it this far. After the first few weeks/months of hell, I didn't want to give up and let all my efforts go to waste. Right now my goal is two more months and then the freezer stash will get him to a year possibly. Time will tell... 

Oh my goodness... are you watching This Is Us?! I'm a little late to the party on this one as I'm just getting caught up on my DVR recordings... but so far, I'm obsessed. And that's pretty impressive since I'm not much of a TV watcher!

I caught up on some sewing projects and I've been really contemplating doing a little side business. I also made my first crib sheet and that was fun! All of these items were for baby girls and I absolutely loved both of these prints! 

Pictured below is some burp cloths, carseat canopies (that can later be used as a small blanket), and reversible carseat blankets (that can be used on any 5 point harness system seat/swing/stroller to protect the seat from accidents, allows easy cleaning, and most importantly is a safe blanket to keep the baby warm! 

The world scares me. The politics. The protests. The shootings. The human trafficking Michigan is number one and it's bad in nearby areas. I highly dislike living in this scary world not to mention raising little ones within. My little sister's high school had two gun threats last week. The thought of an act of violence being carried out and potentially harming my sister almost brought me to tears. One thing I pray for every night is safety for my loved ones. 

I officially resigned as Treasurer of our local QDMA branch. Although Michael and I are going to stay on the board as directors. It is something we enjoy being involved with. However, one of my goals for the new year was to stop over filling my plate. Removing this extra duty off my shoulders will be a huge relief and hopefully free up some of my spare time. Spare time? Ha. As if. 

Budgeting. I stink at this. Send help! I registered on Mint and Every Dollar. I'm not really into either app so I'm thinking about being an old fashioned gal and using pen and paper. I've enjoyed reading other's (Thanks Amanda and Kristen!) budget tips and tricks so keep those coming in you have any!

If you haven't noticed, I've taken a step back from social media. Which goes hand in hand with my goal for the new year of being more present. I enjoy the "social" end of it - keeping up on everyone's happenings and interacting with friends/family/blogger friends, however, I hope it will allow me more time to interact in a more meaningful way (text message, phone call, email, read/comment on blog post, etc).

Two places you can find me more often is here or on Snapchat (justjuliejoy)! Thanks for sharing a few cups of {insert drink of choice} with me! 

What is your morning drink of choice? Tell me what's on your mind via coffee talk! 


  1. Those car seat covers are the cutest thing ever! You did such a great job!!! You should definitely open a little Etsy shop! My aunt made me similar burp cloths (from cloth diapers) and they are my favorite!!! I love the fabric you choose! It's adorable!...I just realized I used a lot of explanation points! :)

  2. I'm so with you on the world being a scary's been rough to see everything happening!! Loving the counter top choices - can't wait to see the finished product! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Oh gosh I'm so with you on this - the world is absolutely NUTS! It scares me on a daily basis and I sit back and say "is this real life?" at least 5 times a day. Also, I would 100% support you starting a business! DO IT! You can totally do it at your own pace and you know you'd have a customer in me and miss Andi! This is Us has been crying st least once a week - what a fabulous show! Love the new counters and I'm really hoping the showing goes well on Friday! Love youuu! xo

  4. Omg your were in the ER?! I hope you are ok lady!!
    I'm so nervous about breastfeeding - it seems like such a struggle for literally everyone I talk to.
    You're sewing is looking amazing! What a great idea to start a side business! You could open up an Etsy store or something?! xx

  5. I tried Mint and honestly didn't like it and went back to my handwritten budgeting :) So don't worry if you want to do that too! You aren't alone.

    Oh my gosh I can't wait until R says I love you! Dead.

    Girl, don't let breastfeeding stress you. Seriously you are doing a lot and if you feel like it would help you enjoy motherhood more and your days with your kids, don't feel like you're wasting all that effort. You aren't!

    LOVE all your sewing projects! Oh my gosh. Especially the car seat cover! That's a great idea.

  6. Ha! I love that you admit to not being a fan of BF. Add pumping to the mix and it is just nonstop! I've been pumping on the way to work as you recommended and lemme tell ya, I do not feel safe, but at least I'm stocking enough for the babysitter every day. I agree, it seems like tensions are high across the board right now. Everyone is just so angry at one another. We teach our kids to be kind to one another and then we go out and attack each other on such a personal level. I have actually been stepping back from social media too, just because it's getting so nasty. Gives me more time to drool over Milo Ventimiglia in This Is Us!

  7. I don't drink coffee either, which I suppose is just as well since I'm told moms always end up reheating their coffee 5 times and then just forgetting about it altogether every morning.

  8. I love the counter top choice! It's very similar to what we have. And I'm 100% with you on the breastfeeding. Every day when I'm lugging that ridiculous pump with me, I tell myself that I'm so ready to be done with it! To do our budget, we just use Excel. No fancy programs or apps...just good 'ole Excel!