Monday, February 27, 2017

Links + Loves

It's been a hot minute since I've linked some things I'm lovin' and since I typically only write about my babies, I thought I'd change the pace a little. 😉

But first, how about this mild winter weather that allowed me to get my first outdoor run of the year in the books already?! All four of us (dog included) enjoyed it!

+ My go to mascara has been this or this. But for some reason after being pregnant with R, my eyelashes changed and I needed something to make my lashes longer and fuller. I tried out the younique 3D fiber mascara and didn't really like it, not to mention it was $35. Long story short, it's been probably 8 months since I bought mascara (hello no makeup mom life) and I decided to go back to my MK fav plus try out the primer for the first time. I've been really happy with it!

+ I'm doing very poor at my meal planning goal so far this year... However, I have made a little effort to make a few new recipes that I've pinned recently. Such as Amanda's Cheeseburger Macaroni.

+ With starting the reno/update in our house soon (I think), I've been looking at all sorts of tips and before/afters on pinterest. As much as I'm dreading the cost and all the work, it's pins like this one that look so awesome I can't wait to see the end result of ours! More importantly, we are hoping a little update and kitchen expansion will help the house sell!

+ I purchased a new cool mist humidifier for Remi's room a little over a month ago (we had one similar to this and I loved it at first... until it started getting moldy and was so hard to clean - no thank you) and so far I really like it. It's filter free, it holds a large amount of water, it has three night light/projection options (R loves the stars), and I can diffuse oils on the vapor pads. I also came across this tank cleaner which helps kill any growing bacteria rather than put it in the air. I never knew such a thing existed!

+ I've probably mentioned it before, but I love the Gentle Baby YL oil. It smells sooo damn good. I used it as a moisturizer with both pregnancies (and currently). I use it on the babies as a moisturizer. I diffuse it almost every night. I also rub it on ML for his gas issues. Plus, there are a lot of other uses for it as well!

+ This summer I will definitely be needing some comfortable "mom appropriate" clothes suitable for chasing two little ones around... more specifically a swim suit and some shorts. I am not really a fan of one pieces for myself because my bust is not proportionate to my lower half... which means one size never fits me overall. So I'm thinking a tankini?! this one, this one, or this one aren't too bad. I like these, these, and these shorts. Any shop suggestions for more options?!

+ This article - "Can we quit feeling like we need to justify all aspects of our parenting?"

What are you linkin' + lovin'?!

💕 Julie


  1. I really need some mascara! Thanks for sharing. I think a tankini is a great idea, girl :)

  2. I so enjoyed reading that article. I could relate far too well. I hate to admit it, but I used to be so annoyed by screaming children before I had my own; I didn't understand why my mom friends couldn't just get a babysitter and go out with me. I feel like I owe everyone a big apology. I had a baby screaming behind me at church Sunday and I hardly even noticed it! Thank God for understanding parents out there!