Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Favorite Uses for Essential Oils

I've been an essential oils (EO) fan for about two years now and I'm still constantly learning new ways to use them! I've been especially using them a lot the last few months... (stress, baby with reflux, cold/flu season, etc)... So I thought I'd share what some of my favorite oils are and some of the most common ways we use them everyday in our lives/home.

Disclaimer: I am not a distributor for EO. I just love the products! 

In the above photo is some of the most common oils I use for the babies. I don't know about you, but any chance I can get to use a "more natural" option in this toxic world we live in, I jump right to it. Especially when it comes to the babies!

I always have three mixtures in glass jars made up and right next to the diaper changing area. I use these mixtures on a daily basis!

1. Coconut oil (CO) + digize - Apply to stomach in clockwise circular motion and to the bottoms of feet. Every time I do this to ML, it helps him get rid of a gas bubble or he burps/spits up. I've also read that this is a great oil to use for reflux, which is ML's biggest problem... Although this oil doesn't 100% magically fix his reflux, I do think it helps relieve some of his symptoms and discomfort!

2. CO + lavender + melaluca (tea tree) + lemon - Apply directly to bug bite, scrape, or surrounding the area where a vaccine is given. There are many uses for these oils, but these are the things I use this mixture for on a regular basis.

3. CO + gentle baby - Apply to scalp for cradle cap, apply to chest or bottom of feet for calming or gas pains. Also great for all over body moisturizer as well as on stretch marks.

Every night in the diffuser I use one or more of the following oils for sleep aid/relaxation: peace & calming, gentle baby, or lavender. If it's cold and flu season or if someone in our house is in the beginning stages of not feeling well, I also add in some thieves.

Lavender is also great for a fever reducer for the kids.

Tea Tree + Lavender in the bathtub for a detox bath plus a relaxation aid.

Oh and teething... phew. Thank goodness for EO while the littles are teething! Copaiba, Thieves, or Frankincense to the rescue! I dilute a drop of one of the previous mentioned EO with CO and then apply to the gums with a qtip. I didn't have any luck with the over the counter meds such as oragel. I did try the hylands teething tablets but I haven't had to use them in a while, not to mention I read an article about how the FDA doesn't approve of them anymore.

Earaches: Purification, lemon + lavender. Apply 1 drop lavender and 1 drop purification to a cotton ball and lay over the ear canal (do NOT put oils directly in ear canal). You can also apply CO + lavender + purification + lemon to the outside of the ear and down the neck.

Thieves is great for an immune boost when your getting a cold or when you've been around germs. If any of us have a booger nose or we've been around someone whose sick, I immediately diffuse thieves (plus lemon sometimes) and I also rub a diluted mixture on the bottoms of our feet. If you don't nip it in the butt soon enough, you can add 1 drop lemon + peppermint + thieves + honey into tea or hot water. (for adults only). Thieves is also great for cleaning.

Bad odor?! You know... in that diaper genie... or the pantry where a smelly garbage can sat overfull for too many days... or maybe a closet with some smelly shoes... I take a cotton ball and add a few drops of purification + lemon and it absorbs that yucky odor leaving a clean fresh scent!

Speaking of bad odor, I also like to add purification to a load of laundry if it's really stinky!

Twice now recently, I've had really bad mastitis and I've put tea tree (melaleuca) directly on my nipples and almost instantly the pain stopped and within a day the mass was gone. If you've had mastitis you can agree that's a miracle worker!

There are SO many uses for EO, really the list goes on and on! I just mentioned a few of the ones that I use the most frequently!

Do you have any favorite uses/combinations for EO that I should know about?! 


  1. I've heard such great things about these but never used them myself!

  2. i've never used essential oils, it really just seems so overwhelming to start (not to mention expensive lol). i am intrigued though, especially for kids and i'd love to use it for smells as well. cats, you know. haha.