Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Remington's 2nd Birthday Wish List

It doesn't look like I'll be able to pause the clock much longer before we officially have a two year old! In less than 25 days to be exact.... I'm not quite sure how it is even possible. It seems like just yesterday Remington was born and then turned one in the blink of an eye. #babiesdontkeep

We definitely aren't having a big birthday bash like we did last year. Heck, it took me a ton of some convincing to even get Michael agree to have a small birthday party! So later this month, we'll be having cake and ice cream to celebrate our sweet girl with our families! As much as I'd love to be planning a big ol' adorable pinterest inspired party, I am happy to celebrate our sweet girl in any way we can!

I hesitated to gather some gift ideas for our soon to be two year old because truly - she doesn't need anything. You'd know that if you seen my toy filled living room, the play area in the basement, and her room. However, since everyone keeps asking what she wants, I decided I would gather some ideas of things that would be the most useful. Not to be confused with the fact that we are beyond thankful for any generous gifts she receives!

Learning activities - Such as ABC Blocks \\ Shapes Puzzle \\ Stroller Cards \\ Shape Sorting Cupcakes \\ Art Easel \\ Coloring Supplies \\ Books

Bath Toys - Boon Water Gears & Bath Pipes \\ Bathtub Crayons and Color Bath Drops

Outdoor ActivitiesSplash Pond Water Table or Waterpark Play Table \\ Gazillion Bubble Machine \\ Sand table such as this one or this one \\ Sand Toys \\ Mesh Sand Bag \\ Chalk

Misc -  Native Shoes \\ Play Doh Tools \\ Summer Clothes \\ Shoes \\ Mega Blocks \\ Gift Certificate to the Zoo

Is there anything else that would make for a great birthday gift for our soon to be two year old?! 


  1. I was going to say something like a zoo certificate! That will be fun :) Maybe some sunglasses or a swimsuit for summer coming up??? I don't know :) Can't believe she will be TWO! Such a big girl!

  2. Ahh I'm still on shock that our babes are going to be 2!! Love her little wish list! I actually had bath stuff on Andi's bc that girl loves her some bath time so I'll have to check out those bath drops!

  3. those native shoes are so cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Do you really like the Native shoes? Are they comfy? We will be taking Baker to Rwanda this October and she'll need a good pair of shoes.

    Those water pipes are too cool! I can't believe she'll be two. Time needs to crawl for a little while!