Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Toddler Talk

Little Miss Remi Roo is learning new words by the minute these days and I have to say it's one of the cutest things I've ever heard. I just love her little voice and "accent". 😍  She also still speaks a lot of gibberish, which I find amusing to listen to her babble as well. Actually, most of the things she says appears to others to be gibberish and I often have to tell someone what she is trying to say. Since I spend every minute of every day with her, I have a better idea of what exactly she is saying.

Funny side note for bachelor nation fans: Remington says "eesss okay" like Juan Pablo. Too funny. 😂 😂

So here are a few daily babbles from Remington (typed as her little accent pronounces them)...

No, no, no Main, dat's mine! - Referring to Mason. Obviously sharing isn't her strong point quite yet.

T'anks Mum. - Anytime I give her something, kiss a boo boo, fill her sippy cup, serve her food, etc. Probably 20+ times a day. Melt my heart. 😍

Awww. Look doze cheeeeeeks (As she pinches ML's cheeks). Hmm... wonder where she got that from?! 😉 🙋

T'ree. Six. Eight. Seven. T'ree. Eight. Nine. - Her counting skills are on point, obviously.

Shhhh. Main's seep. - Referring to Mason sleeping as she holds her finger to her mouth. Side note: she says shhhh and knows she has to be quiet but then two seconds later she'll scream at the top of her lungs. Sigh.

Oh!!! Main's o-wate! - Referring to Mason waking up. She exclaims this sentence very happily and runs as fast as she can to his room and stands at his crib giggling. Often times wanting inside with him.

Oh, t'ere it is! or Oh, t'ere he/she is! - Referring to Mason, the dog, Daddy, toys, Mama, anything and everything.

A'ight Main, say Ah. - As she play feeds Mason with a spoon and empty bowl. Hilarious.

I do it. or I ho-de it (I hold it) - This refers to lots of things - every item I put in the grocery cart, a banana, her snack cup, toothbrush, spoon, etc. Little Miss Independent.

Uh oh, I pooped. I potty. - Refers to tooting and pooping. She refuses to go on the potty with her clothes off but she thinks she has to sit on the potty even when she toots. 😂

Pee-U. Dats yuccct. It 'tinks. (pee you that's yuck it stinks) - Refers to changing her diapers (poopy or not) or her stinky feet.

Pay Din-sairs (play downstairs) - At least 3 times a day she requests to play downstairs and throws an absolute fit if I say no.

Mum sit (as she pats chair) or Sit with Mum - If she wants me to sit down so she can have my food/drink or just to sit in my lap. Or when we go into the pickup she will nonstop say "sit with Mum" because she doesn't want to sit in her car seat.

Oh no, It's mess! - Between her snacks on the floor, spilling her cereal, or throwing her toys all over the living room, she clearly knows she's good at making a mess.

Shhhhew (as she swipes her forehead with the back of her hand) - She does this when she accomplishes something or when her hair is in her face. I'm not quite sure where she learned it but it's pretty cute.

Ninnie and Mehee Moushhh - Referring to Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Awwww so tuuute! - Tute = Cute. Usually referring to babies, animals, or Mason.

Lastly, how could I turn down her excitement yesterday when she said "Esss snowing! Go ow-side?" 😏


  1. Love that wrote them down, you quickly forget those sweet things! Alayna used to say homelet and hangaburger. We STILL call them by those names and she's 10, haha!!

  2. awww she says mum. love it! Her counting skills are fabulous.

  3. R says shhhh shhhh too and it is the CUTEST! But she is really loud about it and it's hilarious. Maybe not so much with a sleeping baby around ;)

  4. These are the best! You'll be so glad to have these documented one day!

  5. You are absolutely going to love having these written down! You think you're never going to forget, but they grow up and start speaking correctly and you do (especially if you have more than one kid, then you forget which of them said what.)