Thursday, April 6, 2017

Links + Loves | Kiddos Edition

One of my favorite things about motherhood is that we are all in this unspoken tribe to support each other plus share ALLLLL of the things we love for our kiddos! Especially the good deals! There really are so many options for toys, books, stores, medicines, etc... and that can be overwhelming at times. I personally really like to hear about the things that others are enjoying or find for a great price! With that being said, here are a few things we love that I thought were worth sharing whether your a Mama, Aunt, Grandma, or you have friends that have kiddos!

3-in-1 Activity Desk - I am throughly impressed with this item! I never knew it existed until R got it as a birthday gift! It sings, counts, spells, asks you to find "x" on the pad, etc. There are many Interchangeable pads that teach so many things (animals, spelling, space, food, body parts, math, etc) as well as the desk top flips up as easel option for drawing. So far Remington is really enjoying it!

**The perfect summer shoe! Seriously, these shoes are everything! Be sure to use a current coupon code to get them for less than $10! Even Remington has loved them and wants to wear nothing but them (literally no clothes just these shoes). You all know my love for Natives... But Old Navy wins the prize on this one (IMO)! The price point and adorable Mary Jane style is irresistible! They also come in a unisex/boy style (that i'll be scooping up once Mason needs walking shoes). They clean up super easy and slid on really well (add some baby powder for sweaty feet). Note: These are seasonal and aren't available in the fall/winter. 

Jellies for less than $5!! - Don't walk, run! Okay,  I really love the above mentioned shoes, but these are a steal! I love that they are soft and not the typical hard plastic jellies. They come in 4 colors. I'll be ordering the other 3 colors soon. 😉

**Nesting & Stacking Blocks - ABC's, 123's, Nesting, + Stacking all in one - for less than $10! The kids got these for Christmas and they love them! They are made of a pretty durable cardboard type material. Only downfall is that ML likes to chew on them and some of the corners are peeling. We have the Mickey Mouse & Friends Set or there are other options here and here.

Piggy Paint - 100% Non Toxic. Tons of colors. Perfect Easter basket gift for a little girl!

Color Bath Drops - R loves these during bathtime! You can mix the colors to make other colors too! I found that they are sometimes cheaper at Walmart than Amazon. Walmart also has them in little packets with 9 tablets for less than $1 in store only (bath section) which is convenient for travel or a small gift.

Food Pouch Toppers - 100% Silicone. Prevents spills. I haven't purchased these yet, but I read about them on April's blog and I think they're genius! I'm looking forward to getting them for ML.

Emergency Personal Protective Alarm - I seen a recommendation on this item off Facebook due to the trend of child kidnapping and human trafficking, which is really bad in our area due to being so close to the border of another country. There is also one that has a human voice rather than just an alarm. Obviously my kids are too young for this, but someday it may be a good thing to have as precaution!

Camilia Teething Relief - A friend of mine shared this homeopathic teething medicine. It does not contain benzocaine, alcohol, artificial flavors, sweetners, or dyes. I love that the servings come in ready to use doses for quick, sterile, and easy use. Even though it doesn't seem like there is any medication that 100% relieves the pain of teething, these definitely have helped us get through some rough nights!

Constipation Ease - 100% vegan and vegetarian, no dairy, soy, artificial flavors, colors, or dyes. Not such a fun "favorite" to be sharing... but I just learned of it and I think it is helping ML! He refuses to eat prunes or drink prune juice... I've tried to give him more water or more fruits and that wasn't doing the trick either. It seems like this supplement is really helping! I add it to his bottle in the morning and shortly after he finishes he has a bowel movement.

Are any of these items favorites in your family? Tell me your current favorites for the kiddos! 

**Blocks \\ **Shoes


  1. Gah! Those ON shoes are super cute. I actually just bought R a pair of Natives for summer. I have never gotten any before! I went with a green color so that hopefully R can wear them now and baby boy can wear them next summer. But I was really confused about the size and I think the ones I got are too big. But what if the smaller size fits just right and they get too small!? Seriously buying kid shoes gives me anxiety. Love all your other picks too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this list!! Those shoes are so cute :) I'm going to have to bookmark this post to come back to soon! xx

  3. We love our Fisher Price learning house. We got it when our 12-year-old was a baby and we've had it out ever since, because SOMEONE is always using it! I'd say they play with it until age 4 or so.

  4. Have I mentioned how much I adore you? I got the piggy paint too recently! (Andi even painted Seth's nails haha) and I cannot thank you enough for those awesome shoes for Miss Andi!

  5. would it be weird if i ordered those jellies for my future kids? hahaha jk.