Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Toddler Bed Transition

A couple weeks ago, we made the transition from crib to toddler bed for Remington. Honestly, I wanted to keep her confined to her crib as long as I could (probably for all the wrong reasons). However, she started fighting naps at least once a week and insisting "I seep Mum's bed". Sure enough, every time I gave in to her request, she would go right to sleep. So I started to think that maybe she was just ready for the transition and she didn't want to be confined to her crib anymore. I started to get worried that she may begin attempting to escape and in turn would hurt herself. Not to mention, we are doing a bit of RV living again and I wanted her to be able to sleep in the big bed in the camper.

I spent days researching bed rails for toddler beds. Her bed is a 4 in 1 conversion so we planned on just removing the crib rail and making it a toddler/day bed. The bed rail that goes with her crib was out of stock. And it was $120. Yikes. So I began shopping around for other options. I looked at the mesh bed rails vs an inflatable bed rail vs a foam bed rail. For a few reasons, one being camper friendly, we decided to go with the foam bed rail. It is a half circle made of soft foam which allows her to climb over it or even rest her head on it. The material allows it to stay in place under the crib sheet. It could also be used on any size bed and is even great for travel. Most importantly, the price is on point! I would highly recommend purchasing one if you have a toddler transitioning to a big bed! 

*Note: a crib sheet is very snug and somewhat difficult to put on. A homemade one with extra elastic seems to fit best. Also, due to the snug fit, I put a large waterproof pad underneath instead of a full waterproof crib sheet pad. 

So how did Remington transition?! Excellent! Way better than I anticipated! You know, you hear those horror stories about kids who will not go or stay in their bed all night long... and I already have one kid that doesn't sleep well... so the last thing I wanted to deal with was putting both kids back to bed in the middle of the night!

It wasn't until a couple days later that I caught her out of her bed because "I read". I yelled explained to her that she cannot get out of her bed for anything unless Mama comes to help. Thankfully, she's listened! Every day during nap and bedtime she hops right in bed and we do our night time routine before it's lights out. In the morning, she wakes up and lays in bed until I come get her.

Now we have transitioned from her toddler bed in the house into a "big" bed in the camper. We purchased a second foam roller for the camper and now we don't have to set up a pack n play in her room (which takes up most of the kids room) so that's a plus! Again, thankfully, the transition into the camper went smoothly!

If the smile on her face doesn't speak for itself, I think it's safe to say she loves her "big" bed! 

The next transition will be to add an "okay to wake" clock to her room so she can learn when she's able to get out of bed on her own! Any suggestions or experiences with these transitions you'd like to share?! 


  1. Yay Remi! That picture needs to go in a frame asap! Andi has still shown zero signs of wanting to transition so I'm in no rush but I must admit I'm excited to shop for new bedding, etc. haha

  2. Time has gone so fast! It tugs at my heartstrings that she is already at this stage :( but so proud of her and happy for you that it is going successfully!!

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