Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Weekend Photo Dump

The holiday weekend crept up on us! We have been so busy with our remodeling project that we didn't even realize it was the end of May! We actually had a camping trip booked for the holiday weekend but had to cancel it due to the remodel project. Whomp Whomp. 

I'm slightly bummed that we didn't have the traditional summer kick off weekend with BBQ's, friends/family, farmer's market, boating/water fun, or parades honoring the fallen soldiers... but we did enjoy some sunshine, two short visits with friends, and our first ice cream cone of the season. And most importantly we got lots of work done on the house and I was able to move back in after living in the camper in the driveway for the last 6 weeks!! (see end of post for before and after picture!)

Friday - Michael had to work and it takes him 3 hours to get home on the weekends so I went to visit my two besties that we're up camping 15 minutes from our house. I haven't seen them since the fall! Natalie's daughter, Olivia, and Mason are only 2 months apart! Last time we got them together they were just babies!! 

 Saturday - Michael was working on the house so I went back to the campground to visit Natalie and Janel + the kids again. We came home for naptime. Played outside all afternoon and then went to have cake and ice cream for two of our cousins birthday's. Remington was ecstatic about the cake!

Sunday - I have zero pictures because we worked on the house all day while the kids went to Grandma's. 

Monday - Michael took the kids for a walk and entertained them while I worked on the house all morning so that we could get moved back in. During naptime (both kids napped at the same time hallelujah!) I got everything moved from the camper to the house. Then we enjoyed the afternoon outside and took a trip to the ice cream shop after dinner. It was Remington's first ice cream cone (besides a lick of outs). She's not supposed to have ice cream due to her dairy allergy but they didn't have sorbet. Side note... Remington has multiple "holiday" outfits and I have zero for ML. Second child problems. 😂

Last but not least... before & after of the kitchen progress! We officially are moved back into the house. There are a few more things to be done before it's all complete and back on the market. I'll post more pics once it's complete!


  1. eeeek! Ya'll seriously rocked that kitchen! Way to go - especially with all the annoying mishaps along the way! I just want to squeeze your kiddos - I really need to plan a MI trip! Have a great day love! xo