Tuesday, May 16, 2017

(Not your average) Mother's Day

As long as I can remember, I celebrated Mother's Day with my Mom and Grandma Julie. I'd sneak in visits and gifts to my mother in law, step mother, aunts, and my Grandma Linn when she was alive. All of these important women in my life deserved to be treated extra special on Mother's Day and I enjoyed acknowledging them for all they have done for me - past and present. 

Then I became a Mother to my very own sweet baby girl and Mother's Day became so much more. Not just because it was my first Mother's Day as a new Mom... but because it brought me to a whole new level of respect, appreciation, and most importantly - love. 

The downfall is that ever since I became a Mom, my celebrations of Mother's Day have changed. Mostly because life happens and secondly because driving two hours one way with an unhappy baby is just not how any Mother cares to spend her special day. Am I right? 

Long story short, this year was the third year in a row I wasn't able to celebrate with the very special women in my life (on my side of the family). Although, I am thankful I was able to spend some time with Michael's family and they are certainly special women in my life. But.. there's just that thing about being with "your Mama" on Mother's Day that makes it that much more special

This year, we are neck knee deep in a remodel on our house that we only work on on the weekends when Michael is home. (And I'm not complaining about that because I want so gosh damn bad to move back into our house!! 4 weeks of RV living and counting! Ain't my first rodeo! Ha!) My Grandpa is currently in the hospital recovering after having a bypass last week and that is where my Mom chose to spend her Mother's Day. Plus, my Grandma Julie was sick.

It didn't even feel like Mother's Day for me and that's what makes me sad. Not because I wanted some sort of special treatment, (pfff... I lie. All I wanted was ice cream and a picture with my kids but we're not talking about that are we?) but because I wanted to be able to give my Mama a kiss and acknowledge more of the lovey ladies in my life.

The best part about my day was sleeping through the night and waking up kid free (both for the 3rd time ever) thanks to my wonderful Mother in law! Oh, and when Mason finally stopped crying and fell asleep snuggling on my chest. Other than that, we were busy living life just as any other Sunday before Michael had to leave for work. Michael finished the floors in the house and install the cabinets. I got A LOT of drywall dust cleaned up. I made Baked Ravioli for supper at my MIL's. Most importantly, I spent time with my babies and embraced their crying tantrums over nothing. 😅

Was that exactly how I wanted to spend my Mother's Day? Not really. Was I disappointed that I didn't "get a break?" Maybe a little. Did I miss my Mom? Lots. But I've learned that Mommin' ain't easy and sometimes you just have to roll with it! I am beyond blessed to be called "Mum" (as Remington says) by my two babies and that's all that matters. 

So there you have it, not your average Mother's Day! 😉  Now a mini photo dump of the only pictures I took on Sunday! 

Main Man checking out the new floors and kitchen cabinets!

I hope you and your families had a special Mother's Day together! God Bless all you Mama's! 

(PS. I think I over used the word "Mother" in this post! LOL!)


  1. lol at that last meme.
    i kind of ignore mothers day to be honest. i like my mother in law but she makes the day more stressful than it needs to be and KC and his brother never plan anything so it falls on me and it's just annoying lol. i can't wait till i can make it all about me ;) you're right though, nothing like spending it with your actual mother.
    sorry about your Grandpa! :( hope he recovers well, and your grandma feels better soon too.

  2. I think special days to celebrate can be really fun, but it can also be kind of a letdown if it doesn't "feel" as special and maybe it seems like it should feel. Especially with everyone blasting stuff on social media all day! I'm sorry you weren't able to spend time with your mom. It's okay to be a little bit sad about that. But the pictures you did take are great, and Baked Ravioli sounds yummy! You're doing a great job with everything you have going on right now!

  3. you and I had a similar day it seems! It just got so busy that I felt like it didn't even celebrate me as Mom but rather my MIL and my Mama (which is fine, but lets get real, a break would have been welcomed haha) love you and glad you got that last minute ice cream though! (and sleep!!)

  4. I love that Remington somehow turned out British and calls you 'mum.'