Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Surprise! This is 30!

Over the weekend Michael and my family pulled a fast one on me... they all showed up at my house to surprise me with a little 30th Birthday celebration!

As most weekends typically go, we were busting butt to get stuff done around the house. Especially trying to wrap up the house remodel project. But since Michael is only home on the weekends (actually he took this weekend off work to come home to get things done - or so I thought), most things have to wait until he's around to help me and/or watch the kids because I can only do so much on my own during the week. One of the other big things we needed to do was get the garden planted. Which I wasn't able to do during the week on my own.

Michael had been up since 5:30am doing some other things that needed done. I was doing what I do just like every other day - taking care of the kids, playing outside, went for a walk, doing laundry, etc. At lunch time, Michael asked me if I wanted to go out to eat for our birthday's. I laughed and said "Nope, I have too much stuff to do and I invited your family to come over for cake and ice cream for your birthday tonight." (Remington and I made Michael a cake on Friday for his birthday since he was gone at work and we couldn't celebrate with him).

Once the kids went down for their naps, I went outside to get the garden planted. The baby monitor wasn't working so I had to keep running up to the house every 20 minutes or so, to make sure no one was awake or crying. Michael was weed whipping and cutting the grass. I was just finishing up the garden and he stopped to ask me if I was almost done and since it was so hot outside if I wanted to get cleaned up and go get ice cream when the kids woke up. I mean... I'm not one to turn down ice cream... Plus I did feel gross after working in the garden in the heat. So I headed up to the house to take a shower. But of course, Mason was awake. So there went that idea. I decided to take him outside with me and get the laundry off the clothesline. I went back inside and Michael came in to ask me what he should get working on next. So I stood at the baby gate to the back room talking to him. I noticed his Mom's dog, Tucker, out the window and said "Oh, Ma's here?" He says "yeah..." and then the door opens and in walks 20+ people.

I don't recall what exactly I said besides "what is wrong with you people?!". I was pretty speechless. Then I cried. Then I told Michael I couldn't believe he would let me look the way I did at my own "party"! He said "I tried to get you to get ready but your too stubborn!" Ha! So I headed to take a quick shower and they set up a huge spread of food that everyone pitched in to make. We had drinks, the kids played, and we all just visited! Oh, and we had cake for Michael too! 😉

Long story short, they knew they weren't going to get me out of the house to take a break from my never ending to do list.. so they brought the party to me! I obviously was not expecting it considering I was a hot mess (literally) when they showed up (no bra and all because.. heat duh 😅 😱 ). However, I felt so loved and thankful to have such wonderful people in my life! 💖


The reality of getting a family photo... 


  1. What a sweet surprise!! Happy birthdays to both of you!!

  2. Happy (very) late belated birthday! What a sweet surprise from your family!