Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wish List :: 30th Birthday!

Oh my, it's June! My birthday month! In two weeks, I turn the "big" 3-0! How can that be?! 😅

As long as I can remember, I was always looking forward to and anticipating getting older. Whether it was "I can't wait for..." - driver's license, high school, spring break, graduation, turning 18 (I'm an adult now I can do what I want when I want), college, a career, turning 21 (good bye fake ID's! yes I was a rebel child), getting married, having kids, etc. - there was always something I was looking forward to for the future. Now, here I am wishing the opposite - oh what I would do to rewind. If only  I could press pause. If only time would slooooow down.

A silly fun fact about my younger years.... one of my life goals (if you can call it that) was to be married and be done having kids by time I was 30. Why oh why was that even a goal let alone a deadline of mine?! As if turning 30 means it's all down hill from here?! Ha! All joking aside, it looks like I've succeeded. 😉 😅

Turning 30 really doesn't bother me at all. I certainly enjoyed most of my twenties and I most definitely look forward to what my thirties have in store!! BUT, let's take the next decade a little slower paced shall we?!

Just for fun, I've listed 30 things I'm wishing for on my big birthday! Although I'm certain I will recieve zero of these things (because... kitchen remodel broke the bank) but it's still fun to "wish"! I'd be 100% satisfied if the only thing I got on my list was the very last thing... 😏 🍦 🎉

:: Camping trip on the west side of the state (Hello sandy beaches!) 🏕

:: Stella & Dot Necklace with my babies initials RR | ML (or something like that?!) Someday! I will get myself one of these!

:: This or this charcoal mask

:: Running Shoes (I chose these because they were on sale 😏 )

:: Video camera 📹

:: Wireless Memory Card for my DSLR 📸

:: Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

:: Veggie Spiralizer for making zoodles 🍆

:: SKB case for my bow 🏹

:: Portable Electric Steamer

:: Portale Electric burner

:: Lens for my DSLR

:: Charge/Sync Tassel for iPhone

:: A bike so I can pull the kids in a bike cart! (mine is almost 20 years old!)

:: Sewing Machine

:: This reversible bag!

:: Pickle Container (seriously, this thing would be awesome for my home grown/canned pickles)

:: I think I want a claisonic - is there a better face cleaning device I should know about?! Afterall, I'm almost 30 so I should probably take better care of my skin!

:: Candles

:: B&BW Car Air Freshener refills

:: Instant Pot

:: Diffuser (I only have one and I'm constantly moving it from room to room or from the house to the camper) 🌿

:: Pedicure gift certificate (to my Mom's salon of course!)

:: Gift cards to go on a shopping spree for a new Mom approved summer wardrobe! Definitely need some "mom" shorts such as these and some athleisure would be nice. What's your favorite summer every day outfit for chasing little ones around?!

:: Let's not forget about a gift card to my favorite clothing store!

:: A detail on my pickup (lord knows I don't have time to clean it and mom life has it looking pitiful!)

:: New robe (mid calf length and preferably pink 😉)

:: Wrist band for my apple watch

:: Photos with my kids/husband

:: ICE CREAM! 🍦🍦🍦

*gasp* A post without pictures or a collage of gift images... I added extra emoji's instead. 😉 🎉 🎉 🎉


  1. Love this!! I so badly want an instant pot too, I fry the crap out of everything that goes in my crockpot, ugh. I bought my girls the Mary Kay version of the Clarisonic, they LOVE them!

  2. I did the timeline thing too! I always said I wanted to be done having kids by 28...and here I am having my first at 29 young and naive ;) And those makeup brush cleaning mats are totally worth getting - love using them and they get your brushes SO clean. Real Techniques has an affordable one that I have that works great! xx