Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fourth of July | 2017

That feeling when the four day holiday weekend is over... 😂 🎉 

Clearly, fun was had by all! Michael took Saturday and Monday off of work so that he was home for 4 days. The last time we spent 4 somewhat relaxing days together was in February... 😳 Needless to say, we needed it! 

Friday I took the kids to the petting zoo at the "fair". ML was not interested in anything but having dinner and Remi was a little overwhelmed. Therefore, I barely got a couple pictures and we didn't stay longer than 10 minutes. We had a showing on our house (3rd day in a row - more on that to come) so the kids and I went to the campground to hang out with my family that was in town. 

Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market and the park (zero pictures = fail). Later that evening we went to a BBQ. The town fireworks are always on a Saturday but we opted out of them (bedtime nazi over here). 

Sunday afternoon we headed to town for the parade and then went to a BBQ at my MIL's afterwards. We skipped naptime (which I never do because I'm a nazi about their sleep schedules) and it slightly made me insane. But, we all survived. 

Monday we hung out around the house and then had dinner with my family at the campground. It was actually pretty chilly so the kids didn't get to show off their day 3 festive outfits. Ha!

Tuesday was a little catch up day before Michael headed back to work in the evening! My family stopped over before they headed out of town and we wrapped the weekend up with an ice cream cone! 

Overall, it was a busy + festive (yet relaxing) weekend celebrating America! Having kids definitely makes holidays much more fun! 

I got brave and sported "strawberry shortcake" red lipsense a few times and got a lot of compliments on it! I felt extra festive with red-ish lips! 😉 

How does your family celebrate the fourth of July?!


  1. Love the pics of the kiddos in their red white and blue!!

  2. Such a cute picture of the four of you! Awesome that you got a four day weekend all together! :) xx

  3. Glad you guys had such a good time! I love that lipstick on you!

  4. You looked so dang cute and got some fab pictures friend! The kiddos looked adorable as well - loved Remi's maxi!

  5. Love all the red, white and blue! Especially the lipstick! You pull it off so well!