Thursday, August 10, 2017

Before + After House Reno + Exciting News!!!

It has been a few months since I've talked about our house renovation or living situation so let's catch up shall we?!

The last update I shared of the renovation (unless you are on facebook) was this sneak peek of our kitchen over Memorial weekend and this update on our progress a month into it.

As you already know, we have been trying to sell our house for a while now so that we can live closer to Michael's work. With having had two sales contracts signed over the past year and moving out/in once (while pregnant).... we were really starting to fear we would never get out of this situation. So after our last listing contract was up, we decided if it didn't sell as is, we were going to put the time and money into it for a complete update. With hopes that once the update was complete, we would relist it and it would attract a buyer! 

Now for the exciting news... (that most of your probably already seen on social media)

After 2.5 months of having the house off the market for the renovation, (I lived in the camper in the driveway with the kids and Michael came home on the weekends to work on the house), we finally got it back on the market June 26th. Within one day, we had three showings lined up for that same week. (Insert mom life stress) On the 5th day, we received the first offer. On the sixth day, we negotiated and accepted the offer! As excited as I am, I have been a hot mess (or should I say more of a hot mess than I already was). Leaving our first home is beyond bittersweet.

It has been SO hard not to share such exciting news! After the false sales we've experienced in the past, we just really wanted to make sure this was a solid deal first. The inspection and appraisal went through no problems and it's just been a matter of a waiting game for the financing end of things. We officially close NEXT WEEK! We do get to stay here for a little bit after the closing to wrap things up. And then... we'll officially be homeless! Actually, we're moving into our camper (again). Plus, we could stay with family if need be. So I guess we're not 100% "homeless".

This renovation could not have been possible without the help of so many of our family members. Everyone put so much effort into helping us, wether it was babysitting the kids, painting, electrical, drywall, moving stuff, cleaning, the flooring, the list is never seriously never ending. We are so grateful for all of the help we had! It was a rough two months living in the camper, but the end result was much worth it!

Here are a few more pictures of before/after updates as well as a very brief list of some of the things we did!

(Removed hanging cupboards)
(removed two walls & one staircase, new drywall, new cupboards + counter tops, expanded island, new sink, new lighting, new fixtures, paint, new flooring, restained wood ceiling beam, new trim + painted old trim white)
BEFORE (angled view)
AFTER (angled view)

BEFORE (Laundry/Hallway/Basement Stairs)

(removed wall & staircase, re used old cabinets - painted white, new hardware, paint, flooring, painted old trim white, new hardware on folding doors)

BEFORE (living room)
(Paint, reused old trim - painted white, new baseboard trim + painted white, restained fireplace mantle and base trim & ceiling beam, new light fixtures, new tile on fireplace, new flooring, painted ceiling)

A few other after pics
(in hallway also did new baseboard trim, paint, flooring, repainted old trim white, and light fixtures)

During Reno

Lastly... some side by sides! 

In the end, everything came together perfectly. Especially considering we came up with all of the plans, measurements, etc. ourselves (with Michael's step Dad's help!). There wasn't one argument between Michael and I the entire time! (I know you don't believe it!) And most importantly, the end result brought us a buyer for our home! So now after alllll that labor of love, we've got some experience under our belts and we're willing to tackle another reno if need be! 😅

So, what do you think?! Anything you want to know details of?! 


  1. So exciting! Congratulations! Y'all did so much and it looks awesome!

  2. Congratulations! All the work looks SO good!

  3. AHHH!!! i squealed when i saw the news on instagram. i am SO happy for you guys. you totally deserve it. the work you all did totally turned the house around, i'm so glad it worked out for you all!!

  4. YAY!! So happy for you guys :) I'm sure it is bittersweet...I can't wait to get out of our house and into something that works for us better, but I'm still going to be sad to leave it since it is our first house we bought and lived in as a family. Have you found something to buy yet? Or doing RV living until you find the right place? xx

  5. Wow, that is such a change! Congratulations on being homeless again... err...