Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lovin' Lately || Kids Edition

I've rounded up a bunch of things we've been using and lovin' lately for the kiddos! Some are things that I've purchased within the last week and some are things I purchased a few months ago. Regardless, I like to share these types of things in case anyone else is in the market for something similar! Or even if you don't have kiddos yourself these could be ideas for friends, nieces, nephews, gifts, etc! 😉

Contigo Gizmo Water Bottles - The kids typically use their Miracle 360 Cups however they are constantly wanting to drink out of my water cup with a straw. ML will fight me tooth and nail to carry it around (which isn't spill proof plus the hard plastic straw makes me nervous). So I spent far too much time than I care to admit researching a straw cup for them. It came down to Camelback or Contigo. I went with the Contigo because of the reviews and the option to fold the straw down. The kids both really like them! I like them especially because they are non spill, easy to take apart and clean ALL the parts, and they hold more water than the average sippy cup so I'm not constantly refilling cups!

I'm not sure how I didn't jump on the silicone bib train a long time ago... but I finally bit the bullet on this two pack and I pretty much have thrown out every other bib we own. Really catches the mess and so easy to clean! Which makes my life easier in more ways than one! Score.

R has always had a hard time going to the bathroom. I'll save the details for your sake (and hers). We've been using some Chewable Probiotic + Fiber Gummy Bears and it seems to be helping. Both taste good (I had to try them first of course) and she is able to eat them no problem/complaints. ML is actually able to chew the probiotic as well.

I let go of my denial that my child was a year old and decided it was time to switch out of the infant car seat. If you think I spent too much time researching water bottles... you can imagine how much time I spent researching carseats. 😆  I settled on this 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat. It was a toss up with the Graco 4ever. But the price won me over. ML has been so much better in the vehicle since switching seats. I love the cup holders on it, the cushions, how it sits up high, and most importantly that it goes up to 100lbs and I don't have to buy him another car seat. Because, holy expensive! If you're in the market for an upgrade, I'd definitely recommend this one!

Juice Box Holder- Hello mess saver! My kids always squeeze the juice box... these save the day.

This classic book - It was on sale for $1.88 at the time I ordered it and R loves it. I catch her singing "O Mick-nonald hab a sarm" all the time now and it has got to be one of the cutest things ever. 😍

Nursery Projector + Sound System - Can't beat the price for a night light + sound machine + timer + projector. It's especially easy to take in the camper and doesn't take up much room but serves several purposes! It works great, I have zero complaints!

A while ago I was on the hunt for new humidifiers for the kids rooms. Again, I spent way too much time comparing options. The previous one we had kept getting moldy. I wanted something that I could diffuse oils in as well and that held a decent amount of water. Insert this Humidifier. Both kids have one in their room. R loves the night light/projector options on it. I love that it holds a lot of water and that I can diffuse oils in it. It stays very clean. Plus I use this filter fish as well.

Are any of these items on your radar? What are you lovin' lately?!


  1. Love this! Making a mental notes of these things for when my little bug is a bit older! ;)

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